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What is the life in a media-rich society?

hasbi 29 / 42 23  
Sep 29, 2015   #1
It is becoming more and more difficult to escape the influence of the media on our lives.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of living in a media-rich society.

It is firmly argue that most of people depend on and influenced by media in daily basis. Presence of it be able to fast influence people and the role of media is very essential for people lives. This is essay will discuss how the media can expose and cause familiar each person in society and the drawbacks of media-rich for them.

There is no doubt that media playing immense role these days in social life. It is capable to make exist or famous each person. Taking example in the United States in last two years ago, lots of people take benefit of the media for campaign purposes. Such Donald Trumpt, one of the US president candidates, he become famous there even in the world due to media publications such on the TV or newspaper. It is a proof that media-rich is immediately change mindset people's sense and affect them to trust the information content what they have published.

However, there are several negative impacts of media for human lives. Firstly, information of the media sometimes consists of wrong news and it is definitely that there is no guarantee regards to propriety of these news. In addition, several media organizers usually present provoke news which is aim to persevere between one social group with each others. Also, the cost of media publication extremely expensive and tend to has low flexibility, such a tabloid.

To sum up, most of people extremely believe that media can affect people lives. However, the media can provoke each group with others due to humiliate news. People should smart and consider to trust the content of information have been provide by media.

vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Sep 29, 2015   #2
Hasbi, your first paragraph is not clearly written. By that, I mean that your thesis and opinion are not stated in a comprehensible manner within the paragraph. Therefore, you need to work on your thought process and how you can get that restatement of the prompt, which is required in the essay, clearly stated. The last line in your first paragraph should state that you will discussing the advantages and disadvantages of living in a media rich society.

In your second paragraph, please spell-check the name of the presidential candidate. His name is Donald TRUMP, not Trumpt. Explain how his media exposure changed the mindset of people about him so that he has become a serious contender for the office of the president of the United States. What were the positive and negative effects of his media popularity? How did it affect public perception? Complete your discussion. Right now your discussion is not clear and does not offer any evidence to support your claims regarding the popularity of the man.

Remember, when the prompt said "media-rich" society, it did not limit itself to only television and newspapers. a media-rich society consists of social media, print media, television media, and radio media. All of these combine to influence the public way of thought and impressions of news topics or opinions of people in general. Your third paragraph should be revised to reflect that information in order to make it more in line with the prompt expectations.

Your concluding paragraph needs grammar work but I can understand the message you are trying to share with the reader. Although confusing to read, it gets the point across. So, if you can just revise the paragraph for thought content and clarity, it will be an excellent closing statement for your response to the prompt.
eddies [Contributor] 25 / 1,208 476  
Oct 8, 2015   #3
Some changes in para 1
- It is firmly ARGUED that media reliance affects daily basis.
- The influx of media...
- How media are more likely to be over-exposes and cause adverse publicity

Some changes in para 2
- Media play an immense role. Media has capability to raise people concerned about being famous.
- Donald Trump, one of the US president candidates, become famous
- media immediately drive people's mindset.
- information content being published.

Some changes in para 3
- serious impacts ON
- media broadcast unwelcome news
- Regarding the proprieties of broadcasted news
- Group with One another
- Also, the expenditure of media published is extremely costly

Some changes in para 4
- (where possible,) people should be smart enough to avoid being provoked by media published.

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