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"Life has been tough for me because I have to face many disappointments in it" - Narrative essay

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Jul 2, 2007   #1
Any one here please help me with the grammar in this essay. Thanks in advance.

Write a narrative essay about an interesting story from your life ( the scariest, most interesting, exciting, memorable)

Someone might have said "Life has been tough for me because I have to face many disappointments in it." So do I, sometimes I thought that my life is indeed an ocean of endless problems and disappointments; however, there is one of the disappointments that I have encountered is also my most interesting story in my life.

It was in the morning of May, I anxiously went to the DMV to take the driving test. After sitting more than thirty minutes, waiting and praying to the Lord for an easy driving test, an old short woman suddenly appeared and knocked at my car's window. I really did not pay much attention to her outfit when she stepped in or even say hi to her because I was so anxious. The first thing I heard from her is "Turn on the engine please".

The examiner instructed me how to get out the DMV's parking lot. When I reached nearly to the side walk, there was some thing that I had never expected; the pedestrian was walking by front of my car, but I had not had ware of that until I was just five feet away from them. Instinctively, I stepped on the break that caused of bending us toward the windshield. When everything seemed fine, I asked her softly and indistinctly, "are you ok?' She responded, "I am fine but do not do that again." It was just something made me realized that what just had happened was not a good impression to her.

Everything seemed going good and it was just a big relief for me to get out of that crowded place. I gradually pulled myself together on the road. When I was passing by the third block, I heard a siren. Looking back via the rear mirror, there was an ambulance was approaching from the behind. I did not know what to do next because there was no room along the street to park the car. In the blink of an eye, I decided to speed up; hopefully I could leave that ambulance behind. And I did. But it was not because of speeding up but because of that ambulance made a right turn.

After the ambulance vanished, I thought that was a really smart decision that I have made in my life, I confidently praise to myself. And it was full of my head that prevented me from hearing the instruction; the examiner wanted me to make a left turn into the middle lane. But I did not hear her clearly. So, I asked her to make sure which lane I should go. You know because it was close and I did not have much time to prepare or to have an imagination in my mind before getting that lane. My voice was kind of loud and by the way, English is not my first language. I said, "What?" instead of saying "Pardon me." She thought I was so mean, so she changed her mind and asked me to make a U-turn instead. I just drove for about five blocks away the DMV, making a U-turn that means the test was suppose to be over and I would fail the test. I pretended as I did not hear her. One more time, as a driver has to make his own decision while driving a car, I did not make any turn but I went straight toward. The examiner opened her eyes real big as if to show me how disappointed and scared she was and she slapped my arm rapidly and yelled at me "Make a U-turn, make a U-turn, please make a U-turn, you did not understand what I am saying young man?"

I failed the test because of lack of concentration, over speed, and mean to the examiner. Every time I recall these things, they really make me disappointed my self because of my bad decision. However I did passed the later test. And I am a good driver now; my parents don't have to worry much when sitting in my car anymore. Although I was really disappointed about the test result, it was something that reminds me to stand up every time I fell.

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