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I like to study with my teacher rather than studying alone.

jumpingjack 1 / 6  
Mar 18, 2011   #1
Some people like to study by own or some like to study under guidance of teachers. I like to study with my teacher rather than studying alone.

Teachers are very knowledgeable, qualified and experienced. They are innovative. They make topics very easy to understand for students by their study techniques. I remebered that my teacher taught me addition and subtraction by using apple and oranges. For example, he told me to add 5 apple with 9 oranges and they allow me to count total numbers of apples and oranges to find out an answer. They always try students to make them creative and innovative. My science teacher always supports me to encourage me to make something innovative and imaginative. Last year, I have made a robot.

Teachers are very intelligent in finding weakness of their students. They often remind their students about their weakness and they also suggest solution to improve it. My friend, akash was unable to remember poems and theorms but his teachers suggested him to remember poem by singing them everyday in the morning as prayers and to write theorms again and again. Now, he does not have any problem with theorms or poems.

There are certain disadvantages in studying alone. Students always understand or interprete the information wrongly if they study without guidance. I have also expirienced that when I read some unintereesting topic, I always understand it wrong. At the time of tests, teacher guidance or notes become very useful to get best scores. Students always get bored if they study alone. They feel study boring.

To sum it up, teachers are very useful in study to make study easier and interesting. Teachers are helpful to show good path to students. There are lots of books available but no one can be engineer, doctor or scientist without proper guidance.

Please rate my essay out of 5.
Thanking you.
I can see some spelling mistakes which may affect my score in toefl.
Word count : 304

yoyofuny 3 / 5  
Mar 23, 2011   #2
Hi, I have read about your essay and have some recommendations for you^^
1. In toefl test, you had better write 320~350 words at minimum. So you may expand your introductory paragraph to make it. For me, my structure of introductory paragraph is as follows:

The topic of _____ can be approached from several different angles due to
its complexity. Some people believe that________ others, however, disagree with this idea and are convinced that ___________. In my opinion, it is recommended or even necessary that_______________.

2. I find that you have some spelling and grammar mistakes. You may enhance your grammar ability by reading some grammar books.

3. You may add some words in the start of every paragraph. Like after the first paragraph, you can add "To begin with" then "In addition", finally "last but not the least" to illustrate your two or three reasons.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,334 129  
Mar 25, 2011   #3
Great corrections here. JuimpingJack, please type it again and try to use the corrections. Do you have any questions about them?

They always try to make students become creative and innovative.

My science teacher always supports me to encourages me to ...

Last year, I have made a robot.

Capitalize his name: My friend, Akash, was unable ...

Read the whole essay again, and write a sentence that expresses your MAIN IDEA, your MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE to the reader. Put that sentence at the end of the first paragraph. It will be your thesis statement.


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