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Task 1: Line graph about countries' birth rates

Thangnguyen315 8 / 24  
Apr 2, 2020   #1

Summarise the information by reporting the main features

The line graph illustrates changes in America and China in terms of their birth rates from 1920 to 2000.
Overall, the fertility rates of both nations decreased over the 80-year period. Although the two trends were similar in terms of a general decline, the birth rate recorded in the USA was higher than that of China most of the given time.

Between 1920 and 1935, the birth rate in America fluctuated but remained over 10%. However, this figure dropped to its lowest point in the following decade, reaching 5% in 1945. Only 5 years later, the USA's birth rate reached 15% in the year 1950, which was the highest point during the period of 80 years. Throughout the remainder of the period, the USA witnessed a gradual decline in the rate of birth, finally falling to around 7% in 2000. In comparison with America, the China's corresponding figure varied more significantly in the same amount of time. Starting at 10% in the year 1920, China's birth rate changed unstably before bottoming out at 5% in 1940. From then, the rate remained unchanged for 5 years before peaking at exactly 20% in 1950. By contrast, the following 50 years experienced a rapid decline to nearly 3 % in the end of the period.

This is my response for the given question. Hope you guys can give me feedbacks! Thank you so much !!

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Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,594 3760  
Apr 2, 2020   #2
You have to remember that you have to follow a certain format for writing the Task 1 essay:
- Write between 175-190 words
- Use 3 paragraphs composed of 3-5 sentences only. Make sure to use a mix of simple and complex sentences with varying forms of punctuation marks,
- Look for overlapping points of comparison in the given image for a complete analysis presentation.

Your essay has 212 words. Since you will not be typing at the test center, you will not have the ability to write that many words in 20 minutes. Not when you need to analyze the image before you can write the content for your report. The way I see it, you could have easily met the 3 paragraph requirement for this essay had you separated your presentations this way:

Par. 1: The line graph illustrates ...
Par. 2: Between 1920 and 1935,...
Par. 3: In comparison with America...

A well grouped discussion presentation helps with the clarity of your data. It also adds to the format adherence of your presentation. This is a good analysis. It is not too mechanical in presentation, but could have used more reference to the overlapping points at least once in the data representation. Next time, focus on meeting the time requirement. Use a pen and pencil to write the essay. Do not type the essay into this box. You need to get used to writing the essay on a pad or practice booklet. It's all about the actual test preparation and learning to work within the given time allowance.

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