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The line graph illustrates data on how much car commuter in Britain (1990-2030)

Ngocnam2k 1 / -  
Aug 21, 2019   #1

ielts task 1- Household car ownership in Britain

The line graph illustrates data on how much car commuter in Britain over a period of 40 years starting from 1990

It is clear that while the percentage of people using more than one car increase significantly, the opposite is true for no-car household. Also, there is a slight rise in the proportion of people owning only one car during the period

In 1990, people no using car accounted foe the largest with over 50%. Compared with nearly 35% and 11% human commuting one and over cars respectively. Over the next 15 years, one car household peaked at over 56%. By contrast, traveling more than one car witnessed a lowest point of under 10%. At the same time, the proportion of no-car commuter fell down by approximately 17%

In 2030, human owning more than one car is anticipated to grow up about over 40%. A fluctuation that people using one car is expected before reaching to the same percentage which more cars accounting. Meanwhile, a decline in the amount of no car is predicted just 15% at the end time
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Aug 22, 2019   #2

In the first paragraph, you wrote data on how much car commuter which has different meaning from car ownership. Maybe you can change it into data on how many cars commuters had or numbers of vehicles which commuters possessed in the UK by proportion

Because you didn't offer the graph, I'm not sure what you want to express in the opposite is true for no-car household, I think you should change adjective here.

Also, you need to use past tense ... more than one car increased significantly, ... Also, there is was a slight rise ... ( if you want to describe the future trend, using words like anticipate or expect is necessary.

There are some grammar mistakes, accounted foe for,
Compared with nearly 35% ... should be Compared with commuters without having a car, figures of those whom owned one car and over occurred in 35 % and 11 % respectively.

grow up about over 40%, which more cars accounting ? (not sure what it means, grammar is not right, either. ), predicted by just 15% at the end

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