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The Lion King - my favorite movie (computer-animated American musical drama)

Huong22082001 1 / 3  
Jul 28, 2020   #1

Topic: Describe your favourite movie

As a frequent moviegoer, I watched a multitude of films. One of the movies I am much into is Lion King, an American musical drama film. It is a photorealistic computer-animated remake of Disney's traditionally animated 1994 film of the same name. I saw this film at least two times yet still love to watch again and again.

The movies tell about a young lion' life (Simba) in the land of Africa. His father died when he saved Simba from the death and fall into his uncle's trap( Scar). Simba became inconsolable and was particularly desolated each year on that day, so he left the land .Scar took advantage of the circumstances in order to become the king of the pride of lions because he is the oldest person. From then on, wildlife became worse. Another animal did not have food to eat and we're exploited by Scar. Simba met his friend( Lala) telling that animal in the land was very difficult. Simba felt love his mother and other animals, so he returned to take the king. Although he is smaller than his uncle, he won his uncle and become the king of the pride of lions. The movie ends up with the scene of the happy life of all animals in the land.

The movie usually gets me to move to tears no matter how many time I have watched it. Not only was the story itself so miserable but also the actor outperformed the ordinary. The movie also aimed to encourage people to become stronger whoever are older them.

Holt [Contributor] - / 9,515 2959  
Jul 29, 2020   #2
When you describe the reason why you have chosen a favorite movie, you should provide only a short synopsis of the story, without giving away too much. The focus of the descriptive essay should be in relation to the way the movie touched your heart of affected your ambitions. The last paragraph of your essay should be the second paragraph because it talks of the effect of the movie upon you on a personal basis. You should be talking about why the movie moves you to tears. Which portions in particular? Talk about the lessons you learned as one of the reasons for your liking the movie. Specifically, why you connected with the lesson. Those 2 discussion points alone will be enough to help you write a good explanatory essay in relation to the topic.
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Jul 29, 2020   #3
@Holt thank you for your advice

Thank you very much for your advices

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