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This is list of my acrylic / pastel paintings - portfolio explanation

kye009 3 / 2  
Sep 3, 2008   #1
1 The plant is being recharged by the rain-Charcoal, 47.2cm X 63.6cm, 2008
To express rough and comfortable feeling with charcoal; Pollen and Flowering plants

2 Dancing Pollen-Charcoal/Pastel, 47.2cm*63.8cm, 2008
Expressed musically when nature is growing up with image of overlap violin and pollen
Brought a silhouette into relief to express light and shadow's comparison strongly

3 Own way-Acrylic, 64.9cm*52.9, 2008
I wanted to express my passion for my youth and recent goals achieve ness through painting of clearly opened road
Even we can not guess my future like we do not know what's behind of the hill from painting

4 At the lake-Handy coat/Watercolor, 54cm*39cm, 2008
Expressed willow branch's mutation with pattern which caused wind from river

5 Manikin- Mixed media, 77.5cm*100.6cm, 2008
I had drawn a mannequin with various angles. To make various image of a mannequin, I used 16 different materials to complete my painting. A mannequin's look would be different defend on a men or she's mentality

6 The turning of the season - Acrylic, 49.7cm*63.5cm 2008
Expressed every seasons with a peaceful color. So it can be familiar to people.

7 under the see - Watercolor/Acrylic, 50.3cm*37.7cm, 2008
I had made color paper with dyeing a blank sheet. And I made a dolphin under sea. Especially to make 3D looks, I had overlapped several papers.

8 Shopping - fabric/wire/bread, 54cm * 39cm, 2008
With several materials I had described how shopping is joyful

9 Good and evil - Acrylic, 53.8cm * 39cm, 2008
I described that hands also can shows good and evil.
Used bright color for good and dark color for evil
Circle on painting means there is always good and evil together.

10 zebra - Mixed media, 50.8cm * 40.5cm, 2008
Used various colors to describe a zebra and pants
And wanted show, even it's a same color but it could be different looks

11. An ordinary my self - Pen, 50.8cm * 38.1cm, 2008
I wanted to draw my peaceful common life with using only a pen.

12 Dream - Paper collage/Acrylic, 39.5cm * 54.6cm, 2008
I got an idea from a commercial that a man fall to mattress
It would be dream for all women if a men fall like water from a faucet

13 The self- portrait - Paper collage, 50.3cm * 40.7cm, 2008
With magazines I described myself.
Especially I have focused to my face to express my various feeling
I used images of flowers to describing "I love flower"

14 Career women in the nature - Water color/Poster color, 50.6cm * 38.1cm, 2008
Young lady is always energetic like the nature. I wanted to express charming of young women.

15 The art supplies - Poster color, 53.9cm * 38.9cm, 2008
I wanted to express how I am happy, when I use art materials. I used Poster color because it is lively.

16 My daily life - Poster color/Oil paper, 39.1cm * 54.4cm, 2008
To make funny I had used childish image for my common life.
The bright color means satisfaction of my life and I wanted to symbol it with a hexahedron

17 Textile - Poster color, 53.8cm * 38.9cm, 2008
Expressed connection between a key and lock

18 Graffiti - Foam board/Collage, 50.6cm * 38cm, 2008
I wanted to describe a street only for young men and women. And I gave point with a strong color to one who lives very active.

19 Over the world - Paper clay/Acrylic/Fabric, 31cm * 35cm * 39cm, 2008
I used clay to describe my desire of traveling entire a planet.

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