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The list and description of different underground railway systems in six cities of three continents

mita23 34 / 37 3  
Feb 22, 2016   #1
The table shows the data about underground railway systems, located in six different towns in Europe, America and Asia continent, classified by date opened, the route in kilometers and annually passengers counted in million. It can obviously be seen that railways in Tokyo has the highest participants per year while railways in London becomes the oldest and has greatest distance of route.

With regard to the cities which are available in Europe, underground railway which was established in Paris in 1900 overtakes higher number of passengers per year, standing at 1191 than those in London staying at less than thousand even though the route of it reaches the distance until 394 km.

Turning to America, there are two kinds of underground railways, such as in Washington DC and Los Angeles. Based on the table, railway in Los Angeles becomes the newest railway in all categories and shows the second least of itinerary after railway in Kyoto. It is different from railway in Washington DC, which have further route and bigger proportion of joiners than those of them.

The last categories are railways in Asia continent, Tokyo and Kyoto. Railway in Tokyo witnesses the greatest number of either route or riders in all cities, taking part at point of 155 and 1927, respectively while Kyoto gets the least points of them.

Peter_Tim - / 9  
Feb 22, 2016   #2
The table consist of underground railway systems in six different cities with opening dates, kilometre coverage and passengers per year. it shows that London is the oldest, opened in 1863 covers 396 Km, Paris is second, opened in 1900 and covers a total of 199 Km less than London. Tokyo was opened 1927 and covers 155 km slightly shorter than Paris. Washington opened in 1976 covers 126 KM. Kyoto was opened in 1981 and is the shortest covering 11 Km. Los Angeles is the newest and second shortest from Kyoto, it was opened in 2001 and covers a total of 28 KM.

Also it clearly indicates, London underground railway system records the highest number of passengers, totalling to 775 million passengers per year. Paris is the second with 1191 million followed by Tokyo with 1927 million and Washington with 144 million. Despite Kyoto being the smallest it records 45 million passengers per year, 5 million less than Los Angeles that records 50 million.

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