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We should listen international music but we should not forget about traditional

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Aug 29, 2011   #1
i have exam of ielts in future..plz mark my eassy and give possible band score. thnx in advance
subject:- There are many different types of music in the world today. Why do we need
music? Is the traditional music of a country more important than the
International music that is heard everywhere nowadays?

Now a days a lots of music are listening in the whole world. There are some types of music. We need music because it provide peace we can listen it every time. Traditional music is also important. Because it shows culture of country and history.

Several types of international music is being heard in the world. There are different types of music are listed. e.g jazz, pop, classical etc. These types of music come from western, Europe and India. English music and other languages of Europe music are very famous. Numbers of people who cannot understand English but they are very found in listening English music.

Indian music also famous in the world but Indian music is not in English.
We should listen music because we can pass our free time. If some one doing job and he did not working heartily than he should listen music on mp3 device than he will never feel any weary fatigued. His work will finish soon. Its mean music is very important part of our life. Traditional music have more value than intonational music have more value than international music. But international music is heard in all around the world in these days.

In my point of view traditional music is more important of a country. Because it contains a huge amount of true stories. It tells us about our forefathers how they lived, their life style , their culture that types of song also contains sadness,pain. Traditional songs also show the folk stories, patriotic songs. These type of song only listen by elders aged people. Youngster prefer pop song, disco and dancing song, if they listen traditional songs then they will bore soon.

With passage of time when young people become older then they realize the reality of world, they prefer to listen traditional song. But few people keep listening international song because every one has own mind, every one thinks differently. Some people get tired of their life and some people are live heart, they want to make just fun and they keep listen international music, and they never broke any one heart

In conclusion we should listen international song but we should also give some preference to traditional song. Both types of songs are important part of our life.

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