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TOEFL; "little Buffett" Children should learn to handle money to be responsible

mcshang 4 / 8  
Aug 21, 2011   #1
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: In order to become financially responsible adults, children should manage their own money at the young age.

I agree the statement, since education should be started as soon as possible, and the learning is more efficient accompanied by adults.

First of all, by absorbing the unique experiences offered by parents, children can learn how to manage money more quickly and efficiently, science parents' experience can help children avoid going astray. Giving allowance, for instance, one of the methods to train kids to use money is used by my parents. At young age, I always asked for extra money to buy toys. However, my parents never gave in, and instead of simply not giving me more money, they taught me the appropriate way to spend and most importantly saving. Thus, forming the habit of saving make me become more financially responsible and lead a quality life. Contrast to my classmates, having two or more part-time jobs, and always complaining about having no time to study and join a club, I only have to get one job to cover the daily expense; furthermore by managing money efficiently, buying stocks and government debt, I earn a nick name- little Buffett. Hence, starting learning at childhood and being oriented by parents is beneficial for children.

Secondly, the earlier the training process beginning, the higher possibility of succeeding. Do you know when Tiger Woods start learning playing golf or when Yoyo Ma playing cello? It is childhood. Consequently, under the same theory, in order to teach a kid to become more responsible, the previous learning is indispensible. Take planting for example, with a view to cultivating a strong tree, the job of watering and composting is essential, while it is a shoot. Accordingly, the identical thought can be applied to educating children to become financially independent. In other words, asking an adult to take charge of his own money without any training since young stage is impossible. Therefore, I claim confidently that the childhood learning for financially responsible is indispensible.

To sum up, based on the reasons of beginning education earlier is beneficial for children and having the orientation offered by parents, I firmly believe that in order to have financial responsibility, the early stage educating cannot be waited.

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