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Task 2: Living in big cities is bad for your health. To what extent do you agree or disagree

chmt 1 / -  
May 7, 2017   #1

pollution of the environment

Recently, our environment has been in the limelight and have aroused wide concern for the negative impacts on human's survival associated with them. As a consequence, many people argue that living in a big city can result seriously on their health. Personally, I totally agree with this point of view.

We have nearly exhausted natural resource and left a big carbon footprint on a fragile planet. Undoubtedly, it may lead to a bad effect on our life, particularly in the city. Firstly, more and more company and industrial zones have been discharging chemical waste into the river, causing death to many fish and aquatic life, and without control, production processes may result in environmental degradation such as global warming stemming from factory emissions and the irresponsible disposal of industrial waste. Secondly, our activities are increasing the greenhouse effect, making the earth hotter and endangering not only mankind but also all life on the planet. For instance, the food we eat every day is almost covering by contaminated ingredients that have higher risk of developing several chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, some form of cancer and obesity

While there have been numerous international conferences to warn of the danger, many governments have refused to take an action. We are, therefore, can assist in the effort to alleviate the environmental problems in the local community through simple actions such as planting trees in the garden, recycling waste and enhancing awareness of people. Furthermore, we can reduce our carbon footprint by flying less and reduce food miles by buying local produce. People should also make aware of the need to cut down on emissions from their cars if we are to reduce air pollution. This way can help to bring us a fresh life.

In sum, no effort is too small when we are protecting the environment. Meanwhile, both local authorities and citizens must shoulder responsibilities in order to have a good health. Only by doing so, we can assure that we could hand this beautiful planet to our generation and the next generation after.

mandyduong 4 / 9  
May 15, 2017   #2
I believe you have a wide range of knowledge about this topic or at least do careful research, no wonder you have a very informative essay as a result.

For me, there are jut a few minor mistakes you should avoid next time such as singular and plural nouns. Another suggestion is to use more adjectives like harmful, contaminated, polluted in order to enhance your tones.

In sum, keep up your good work!

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