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Living in a foreign country where you speak with non-local language would make communication problem

cocococco123 1 / -  
May 5, 2019   #1

communication barrier abroad

It is often said that living in a foreign country where you speak with non-local language would make communication problems, as well as practical problem. I completely agree with this statement.

Firstly, it is undeniable that difficult to communicate would be the barrier of living in a foreign country. While a new immigrant may always participate some society activities which hold by government or community institution, to know more culture or ritual about the country, language barrier hinders the social interaction between local citizens and immigrant. No one would accommodate to speak foreign language, or even there are no people can understand that what are you talking about although you behave to join the society. For example, there are many immigrants who come from China, living in Hong Kong and speaking with Putonghua. Sometimes, the locals may not understand that what they say. And it becomes a barrier for the immigrant who live in a foreign country.

Secondly, it also can be the main reason that different language would let immigrant to be lone. As living with a long time, the immigrant, who speak with foreign language, could not meet a new friend who applicate with local language. We know that the interaction is communicate through by language, you cannot interact deeply with others by using body language, instead of language. The immigrant would lost their friends at his local country also since they have not face with a long time.

To sum up, as the reason of communicate barrier and feel lonely, I entirely agree that living in a country who speak non-local language may cause social problems and practical problem.

Maria - / 1,099 389  
May 5, 2019   #2
Try evading using words that are fillers. When they do not significantly contribute to the essay, it is better to leave them out. Especially when you are working within word counts, you are confined to what you want to say.

Say, for instance, in your first paragraph:

Living in a foreign country that you cannot speak the language of creates communication and practical problems; I agree with this.

Shortening your sentences to make concise structures will enable you to sharpen your writing skills.

Avoid repetitive lines that do not develop the essay's substance. When you are writing, you should be adding something new to the content.

Let's look at your body paragraphs.

Notice how your first sentence in the second paragraph is a repetition of your introductory lines. I would recommend trimming it down to something similar to:

Firstly, language barriers hinder social interactions between locals and immigrants. Knowing the language lets a person participate in community-based activities. [...]

I recommend avoiding assertive lines and claims when you are writing without citations. Saying that, for example, one would not be welcomed in places wherein they cannot speak the language of is off-putting. Rather, try to lighten your language by saying that one would have difficulty adjusting if a language barrier is in place.

Apply these when you are writing. Cut down your unnecessary words - and then afterwards, you may allocate this space to create more in-depth content.

Best of luck as always!

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