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Living in a high-rise apartment block is a lonely experience - IELTS 2

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Feb 2, 2016   #1
Some people say that living in a high-rise apartment block is a lonely experience because there is no community spirit. Others say that people who live in high-rise apartments have a much better sense of community than those who live in houses. Discuss both these views and give your opinion.

Everyone needs space for living and has different perspective about the place for struggling. Majority of people believe that staying in skyscraper has limit interaction due to less communication with other people while others think this lifestyle have much greater socialization rather than living in houses. In my opinion, both arguments are false for some reasons. This essay will describe about it.

With regard to living in tall building, citizens are still able to interact with the neighbors because tower blocks consist of many rooms which are filled by occupants who come from diverse culture. For everyone who is keen on making communication with strange denizen, this occasion can increase the knowledge about the traditional custom and behavior of the neighbor by arranging meeting and cooking together in the weekend, for example. Automatically, the relationship among the dwellers can be built easily and there is no one who becomes lonely. Therefore, it can be impossible if people do not spend their life in flat.

Turning to resting in residence, people also have a change to communicate and play some roles in the society because people can gather with all of the residences by only visiting their house. Moreover, usually, the distance between one house and other house is quite near, so there is no big difficulty to socialize with other inhabitants. In my region, for instance, the sense of togetherness is high. Evidence of this can be seen with inmates who always have time to give hand for neighbors and tackle the problem together, so this phenomenon can be very helpful for creating good communication.

To sum up, although some people argue that spending the life in apartment makes citizens alone and the opposite statements say that staying in apartment will make people have better sense of gathering than those living in houses, I would argue that I have different perspective about them because people still have opportunity to associate with others in both places.

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