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IELTS Task 2 : Living in the High-Rise Apartment : Lonely Experience or Better Sense of Community

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Aug 24, 2016   #1
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Some people say that living in a high-rise apartment block is a lonely experience because there is no community spirit. Other say that people who live in high-rise apartment have a much better sense of community than those who live in the houses

When a high-rise flat build in the urban area, citizens usually have their own opinion, some have positive reactions but another have negative one. The ones who have certain opinions say that skyscraper apartments gave us chance to enhance the sense of society. On the other side, they state that they feel lonesome from neighborhood.

If I could tell my opinions, living in the block of flats have many advantages. They usually have public facilities such as spa, gym, swimming pool, and function rooms. All of the spaces make us interacting to the neighbors. Some who against it reply the building create a closed society who are separate from street life. People on the ground cannot see where you are and what are you doing. It is very different when you live in house.

However, the skyscrapers are more accessible for everyone. There are connected area from from our residence which link with grocery shops, malls, restaurant, and other entertainment area allowing us to easily have social gathering for examples : school gathering, business meeting, or community services projects. From my experience as a person who stay in a tall apartment, I easily conduct a meeting with my schoolmate, because we live in the same structure. I don't need much time to spend in the street, so we have more quality time.

In conclusion, some citizens can say high-rise apartments divide us with street life. Nevertheless, we can have better impression to community. It all depends on the way we live in the society itself.

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