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Living in a horizontal city is probably the best option, but others tend to live in a vertical city

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Jun 16, 2022   #1

horizontal vs vertical city

It is argued that living in a horizontal city is the best option, but others tend to live in a vertical city. This essay discusses both sides of this argument and why I partially favor with the latter option.

On the one hand, the option of living in a horizontal city is beneficial in some ways. Firstly, people can pay fewer fees for building services. For instance, people do not need to spend on security services or rent. It will save a huge amount of money each month. Secondly, living or working lower to the ground helps people be saved. In some situations, like a fire, people living in high buildings can not only be in danger when they breathe in carbon dioxide but also have difficulty running out of the building. In contrast, this can be solved by a horizontal city.

On the other hand, I believe that living or working in a high-rise building is outweighed by its advantages. There are two reasons for my perspective. One of the most important causes is that a vertical city provides more space for people to use. The population is increasing steadily every year, especially in urban areas. Hence, people do not have enough places to live or work. High buildings are a good solution to this problem. Furthermore, people can be provided various services. Indeed, people and their private stuff, like transport or accommodation facilities, can be protected by the security of the building. People can feel safe when they get out of their place, facilitating the development of life quality.

In conclusion, it seems evident that both living or working lower to the ground and in high buildings have their own unique advantages. Personally, however, i strongly believe that living in a vertical city is way better.
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Jun 16, 2022   #2
Give a clear reason why you support the latter opinion in your personal point of view statement. By adding your personal reason or supporting reason, an additional clarification sentence will be provided. This adds to the strength of the first paragraph and increases the kick-off score. Always provide atleast 3 clear sentences in this paragraph.

Note that the discussion asks for 3 paragraph discussion propositions (Discuss both views + personal opinion) but the writer only provides 2 of these topics from a personal point of view rather than comparative public reasoning V. personal viewpoint. The reasoning provided is incomplete in focus. The essay lacks proper topic development. This will lead to a lower than passing score since the required discussion format is not properly presented to the examiner.

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