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Living in a large city has certain advantages over living in a small town. Urbanization role

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Mar 17, 2016   #1
We cannot simply deny the immensely important role of the urbanization in raising our living standards. Consequentially, there are certain merits that the city-dwellers are enjoying over people who reside in the countryside; these features include greater job opportunities, better facilities, and above all, education.

First of all, the choice of living in cities is undoubtedly a wise decision in terms of job prospects. The unemployment today has been quite a major issue. As a result of globalization, numerous multinational companies have appeared, and they are fairly understaffed. Additionally, in developing countries, with the huge impact of industrialization, the increased number of factories in urban areas is in great demand for workers and laborers. Thus, they offer city residents far more chances than those in the rural.

When it comes to settling in a city, the aspect of facilities is also taken into consideration. Metropolises are now better-equipped with modern and excellent amenities for both work and recreation. Also, the advanced technology results in higher efficiency of production. For instance, in Tokyo, application of robots helps operate and run a whole restaurant, a factory, or an office, hence leading to more manufactures and products. In other words, top quality of facilities is another good reason to move to cities.

On top of these benefits, education is another perquisite to consider. Due to fast living pace, busy parents in cities tend to send their children to schools at an early age. Therefore, education system in such cities has been developed and funded very well. Accordingly, there is a wide range of schools for students and parents to choose from, for instance: from public, private, grammar to preparatory schools, not to mention other institutions, vocational colleges, and high-ranking universities. Generally, not only do cities attract laborers, but they appeal to students as well.

To conclude, there are countless advantages that contribute to the cities' superiority. With all the aspects specified above, namely jobs, facilities, and education, we believe its dominance over living in the countryside will certainly retain.

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