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Living and working abroad is certainly a great chance for youngs to gain worth experiences

ngohavu 2 / 4  
Sep 27, 2014   #1
As a tendency of globalization, living and working in a foreign country has become more and more popular, which has both pros and cons.
First of all, working abroad gives you more chances for career promotion because you may work with numerous world-class expert and have a more professional working environment which possesses latest technology. Furthermore, living abroad means that you experience a totally new culture containing a large number of interesting and fascinating things to learn such as special customs, local food and traditional clothing.Besides, living and working with foreigners, communicating with them everyday can help you learn or improve you language skill.In addition, working in a foreign country can be a tempting opportunity to make friends with people from over the world in that you work in a diversed culture community. However, everything has its downside, so you may face with inevitable drawbacks.One of the most disadvantage is that there is no supporting from your family and your friends, as a result, you feel lonely and want to come back home in first months.Besides, language barrier causes unexpected problems as misunderstanding culture. It is definately a catastrophe if you do not learn anything about the culture you have to adapt to now that you can be considered as a rude and unprofessional person and be discriminated by foreigners.

In spite of some drawbacks above, i personally believe that living and working abroad is certainly a great chance for individuals, especially the young to gain worth experiences.
vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Sep 27, 2014   #2
Here is a tip I always give ESL students. Learn to use an outline when you are writing an essay. List down the topics that you want to discuss by number or in the order of importance as you see it. Under the topics, write down the important facts, terms, and other data that you are sure you need to include in the essay in order to make the paragraph strong. After that, write a draft of your essay based upon your list.

Make sure that the list is followed in the essay in paragraph format. One topic with supporting reasons per paragraph. Read the draft and adjust the content or theme of the essay based upon the changes that you see arising from the way you wrote the paper. Do this around 3-5 times in order to develop the content or theme of the paper. When you have perfected your theme, we will then correct the problems with the vocabulary. I hope my suggestion proves to be helpful to you in the future :-)

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