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Locked in the fridge; Don't Do This To Your Tomatoes

septiadara29 48 / 67 9  
Dec 1, 2016   #1
You may think that to keep your tomatoes look fresh with good taste, is putting it into the fridge. It is totally wrong. Based on a study form Proceeding of National Academy of Sciences, confirmed that many tomatoes have already lost its flavor before someone serve it yet to the kitchen, because of low temperature on the fridge.The low temperature storage is well-known as a special place to keep something chill, also it is used to make fruits or vegetables slow ripening and reduce decay. However, it actually can caused loss of their flavor and more blandly, if the temperature is below 54 degrees Farhenheit.

The other researchers from Cornell University, the University of Florida, and Zhejiang University in China, gave other conclusion by putting tomatoes in less refrigeration time. It will led them to cause less depletion of important compound. Although, it only had little effect on their flavor. Furthermore, if you want to get your fresh tomatoes, then they suggested that you may grow it up by yourself.

Source : New Scientist
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Dec 1, 2016   #2
Hi Miss Septidara.

I have read your summary closely. Actually, you presented the informative summary well. There were some information essential to be done. I could understand easily what you wanna to explain. However, you need a little improvement to make this as the excellent summary. You are supposed to introduce where you took this article. You can mention the original title and who wrote that. Perhaps, it can help readers to find reference relevant about what they do. Turning to your flow, this is good, but I really believe you can create the better flow if you can pick up the linking words appropriately. Fortunately, I did not pause when I read this summary because you used the simple words to build your paragraph step by step. One of the interesting factors in your summary is that you can give a suggestion for the readers so that the summary seemed clearly this is so useful. In the next term, you should reread your summary to check the grammar or coherence and cohesion.

Although, it only had little effect on their flavor

Remember that use of ALTHOUGH follow the pattern S V Although S V --- or ---- Although SV, SV

Overall, you have worked this well.
Keep Writing.

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