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pikul 23 / 26 3  
Feb 8, 2016   #1
Some people argue that space exploration has had more to do with national pride than international effort. To what extent do you agree with this? How do you think space exploration will change in the future?

space exploration prestige

Space travel is no longer a dream today's. As seen, many people can go to outside the Earth due to the sophisticated technology. However, some people believe that such activity should be done with national pride rather while i personally argue that space exploration brings countries together so as to reach particular purpose, exploring space.

Needless to say, space exploration become a place for several countries to compete in the advanced of technology since they want to impress others by rising flag on the moon or particular planet and exploring space. According to proffesor Lambert, a lecturer in Harvard University, states that not every country can travel to outside space, so it would be national pride when a country can send their local people to the space, like America, for instance. As a result, others will regard its as a powerful country. However, in my opinion, it would be better if such space project is carried out together with other countries.

Apart from previous discussion, the reason why space exploration becomes international effort is not only the high cost to carry out this project but also the lack of equipment. A recent 2012 MIT University research reveals that 20 countries in this world invest their money and do research together to develop rocket space to another planet with Uni Soviet supplies rocket equipment regularly. As a result, many people have a high chance to go to the space in the future since their country get involved in this projects, so they can get the opportunity easily.

The aforementioned evidence shows that space exploration is no longer done with national pride. However, more countries should take a part in this project due to the paramount of importance knowing the space. Where possible, a strong commitment from country is needed in order to make its successfully.

vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Feb 8, 2016   #2
Tau, from reading your essay, I can see that you wrote it after having read the other essays here at the forum. Why do I say that? You are making the same mistakes regarding prompt response, content of essay, even the mention of the Uni Soviet instead of the Soviet Union, which the others made and I had to correct. What is the sense in practicing the writing of an essay if you will plagiarize the content of the essay to a certain extent?

When you write your practice test, do not review the other essays here and use these are reference for your own paper. You will not have the opportunity to look at other essays based upon the same prompt in the actual IELTS test. Neither will you be given an essay prompt based upon these retired IELTS questions. It is important that you develop an original line of thinking, improve your comprehension skills, and write an original paper each time you practice because those are the factors that the examiner will look into during the actual test.

The best way to practice these tests is to avoid copying others because you also copy their mistakes in the process. How can you improve that way? Try to develop original answers that will address the prompt in the way that you feel it should be answered. Your current essay moved in 2 different directions because your based your first half of the essay on the work of others here and then moved on to your own discussion. Which is why you missed out on properly addressing the prompt requirements. Use original thoughts, your own voice. That is the only way you will improve your English skills.