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IELTS; Loosing Traditional Values is no matter?

toantva509 4 / 9  
Mar 16, 2013   #1
Q: Young people are said to have lost many of the traditional values of the older generation. This does not matter, because the old values have no relevance in the modern world. We need to develop a whole set of values. In what extent do you agree or disagree?


In the times of
globalization due to the integration of many contemporary cultures, many
traditional values of the country have almost disappeared. Young people are now
likely to be affected by modern cultures derived from developed ones such as Korea
and Western. Some people argue that this is not a serious problem; however I
strongly disagree with this because obviously old values help to set up the
world we are living.

It can be denied
that traditional values helps to market a country's image which in turn
stimulates economy, tourism and other fields. In other words, the developed countries,
Korea for example, are struggling to advertise their image based on their
unique traditions so that anyone can differentiate them in the multicultural
world. Equally important, a good image consequently helps to increase
commercial products and attract a great deal of tourists. Take Korea as a
typical example. By the dint of cinema, its traditional culture is
imaginatively transferred to viewers from the entire world. As a result, not
only a large amount of products involved cinema is sold but also a
diversification of travelers considers Korea as a charming destination.

Another main
justification is that old values make inspiration for human development. That
is to say, people attempt to make a great contribution to society because they
can feel the pride of their country with its indigenous values. The deeper its
values the more spirit people have. In addition, what would happen to a country
if it lost all its traditional values? It is no doubt that people would work
and behave as automatic machines. The world would be with love and patriotism.
Therefore, nations definitely struggle to preserve and develop their cultures.

In conclusion what have
been discussed above indicates my view that the tradition values are highly
associated with the modern world. They not only enhance the country's image but
also promote human development.

Alamanda Bud 2 / 4  
Mar 16, 2013   #2
Wow, your essay's pretty good. Your point of view is stated clear. I can't find any grammar errors and I like the way you prove your points with the example and the "what would happen" question which is a very strong argument, I must say.
OP toantva509 4 / 9  
Mar 19, 2013   #3
thank you for your comment.
noman715 - / 3  
Mar 20, 2013   #4
I need a essay about What has been the biggest dream in your life? How or what would you do to see it come true? can any one help me?
dumi 1 / 6,928 1592  
Mar 20, 2013   #5
I saw a thread under the same title by norman75.

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