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"Love, Loyalty, Trust are the three things to lead a good relationship in life"

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Nov 5, 2012   #1
I strongly believe that "Love,Loyalty,Trust are the three things to lead a good relationship in life". But, I am not fully in favor of the statement "Are telling truths is the most consideration in any relationship ", as there are certain lies which are spoken with good intentions,often known as "white lies".

I agree that Trust is the foundation of any relationship because if u trust someone, you can share anything or everything with that person without any shame,regret, or suspicion.Trust is build up if the other person always remain loyal to you.But, there are certain situations,in which no matter how truthful you are,you have to lie for the sake of the happiness of your loved ones and in my opinion, such lies are far better than the bitter truth that might hamper you to follow your heart . Like, one of my friend,after doing saving from the past 5 months,bought a beautiful dress which she always dreamed to buy one day and finally she managed to fullfil it after a lot hardship.But,when i saw her in her dream dress,I was perplexed as I was not able to decide whether I should give her a fake compliment or should tell her the reality that although the dress is pretty but is not meant for her.Since it was her dream dress and the happiness in her eyes compelled me to go with first option.And,honestly, after giving compliment I dint feel any regret or guilt,Infact I was happy that she is finally wearing what she always wanted rather than what society thinks suits her.

Moreover,sometimes the lies that are spoken with noble intentions can decide other person's future,example,if someone is not academically strong and everybody used to tell that person about this again and again, then your one sentence that "No matter what other people thinks,I strongly believe that you have the potential to prove them wrong." So, we can say that, 'white lies' provide you the boost to make that lie actually a truth.!! In different professions,It has different significant level.Like, "white lies" are very commonly used in medical profession as it provides hopes to the patients.

So to conclude,although telling truth is one of the important consideration in relationship but its not always the necessity.In any relationship the most important thing that matters is the happiness of the other person,so if in case, to keep the smile up, requires you to lie a little which is guilt free then one should not hesitate to lie.!

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Nov 7, 2012   #2
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