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Love always wins! REVIEW OF A FILM

isamj 2 / 5  
Sep 11, 2021   #1

You are the arts review writer for a magazine. Your editor has asked you to review a film. Choose a
film that you have seen. Describe the plot and the characters involved. Say who the film is suitable for
and why. Mention any special effects or aspects of the film that stood out in some way.
Would you recommend the film? Why, why not?
Write your review.

Love always wins!

Yesterday, I watched an incredibly moving film. It's called 'The last letter from you lover'. It's a drama and romance film which is based on the bestseller romantic novel written by JoJo Moyes.

The film shows the unbelievable story of a journalist called Ellie (Felicity Jones), when she discovers an intriguing love letter. As she is getting more and more involved in the love story that the letters hide, she empathises a lot with the couple. They happen to be an enchanting couple that have to live their love in secret, they are just lovers, and they cannot live together. To make matters even worse, the girl, Jennifer loses all her memories in a car crush accident so, she has to retry all of them progressively.

The aspects of the film that I liked the most were the charming places where the film is set in and the incredibly realistic dialogues between the characters of the film.

Teenagers and adults will enjoy this film, since it makes the mature audience realise it is a story that could happen to everyone. You will want to help the couple to get together and restart their lives as I did when I watched it.

I strongly recommend watching "The last letter from your lover", it will make you realise the value of real love and appreciate the help of the people that surrounds you in your daily life.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,584 3758  
Sep 13, 2021   #2
A film reviewer knows to start the presentation by offering a summary of the story, without directly revealing the ending. Never forget to mention the immediate cast names along with the writer, director producer, and year of release credits.

This is a good summary that does not try too hard to be a good review. It has won to be better. There should have been a deeper discussion of the set design as it relates to the 2 eras depicted in the movie. The directors approach to the constantly changing timelines ( the story is told in flashbacks), and how well the actors portrayed their roles would have been necessary to create a comprehensive film review as required by the writing instructions.

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