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"Made in China"; Fake products produced in China

Fiorella Li 2 / 2  
May 21, 2013   #1
This essay is about 4-5 pages rough draft
but I have 3 questions for this essay.
1. is the organization of this essay need to be improved?I think the organization is a weak of this essay
2. does the solutions are reasonable? I think some of them are just in an idea condition
3. I think I need talk more about the anti-intellectual property thief, do I?

If you have looked at the cases of many products, you wouldn't be unfamiliar with the words "made in China". More than 80% of products are made in China. These products are cheaper, more beautiful and delicate than those made elsewhere because of China's technology, its productivity, and its economy are in a stage of high pace development. In addition, China has an advantage in population that other countries do not have, which creates a cheaper labor force. Consequently, more and more investors decide to establish their produce factories in China in order to reduce their production expense. However, not every made-in-China-product is genuine. There are lots of Chinese companies that are producing fake or imitational products and then inject them into the Chinese market. Consequently, fake products play an important role in the Chinese market. It's a pretty big problem because the fake products reduce the original companies' profit, decrease designer's passion, and produce so much inconvenience. It is clear that the fake product-problem has to be solved in the future.

The existence of fake products is the 2nd largest problem of Chinese market economy. It would reduce some original companies' profit and increase transaction expense of consumer. Because the market of a product might be seized by its similar but fake products, the company need to spend great sums of money to attack the fake products company. The purchaser also needs to spend lots of money to avoid fake products when a transaction occurs. In addition, fake product decrease designer or innovators' passion, because nobody would like to see their fruits' of labor deprived by others. It's not right when they have done the hardest work but the income was earned by others. Finally, more and more Chinese designers prefer to create products for other countries' companies, because they would earn so much more income by doing this. On the other hand, these fake products cause lots of inconvenience, because they are easy to damaged, once a product was damaged unexpected, it always take some troubles to its users.

However, the fake-product-problem is not incorrigible; there are still some solutions available to solve these problems.
The government might play an important role to restrain fake-products flowing in the market. The government could support part of companies' innovation-project, for example, bear part of a companies' design expense in order to support the design of a product they make on their own instead of copy other existing products. These funds might come from either good or fake companies. Most manufacturers have limited capital, to reduce their produce expense, so they always copy other exist products. Even some manufacturer copies other companies' brand in order to save the expensive creating expense. Nevertheless, if some innovation expense was covered by the government, companies' expense is reduced, and designers' wage would be increased, consequently designers' or innovators' passion are aroused and companies are able to create their own products and get some patents. Consequently they could gain much more profit. Finally, not only "made in China" would be replaced by "designed by China", but also the number of fake-products are reduced.

On the other hand, the government could also increase punishment of counterfeiters and provide awards or incentives to whistleblowers in order to increase citizens' awareness of copyright. For example, once counterfeiter is found, they have to pay large fines to the government. This money has to exceed the total value of their fake-products three times, and then this money should be used to support some other legitimate companies. In addition to this, the government should reward whistleblowers money. This money also should come from part of the fine from the illegitimate company they impeached. In addition, government should also forbid people to purchase fake-products. When someone is found to have bought fake-products, he or she should have to pay the same amount of money as its quality good to the government. Then government should use this money to support some legitimate companies. So, once this strategy is carried, not only the counterfeiters are punished, but also some of legitimate companies should Receive financial assistance.

The most drastic method to solve the fake-product problem is to increase copyright awareness education. Some colleges or high schools should add some elective classes related to copyright awareness, to increase people's copyright awareness when they are students. The more awareness of copyright there is, the higher wages of designers there will be, which means more people with talent are willing to do design work while less designers would change their major or go abroad to find another job. Once a company finds people with good abilities of design, they have the ability to create their own products, and earn more profit.

All in all, Copyright awareness is pretty important because the major reason why lots of companies copy other companies design work is that people don't fully understand copyrights or patents. Design works are so easy to copy in China. Because the design work is easy to copy, some fake-designers always copy other designer's work. Some talented, excellent designers have always done the real creativity work but earn the same extremely low income as the fake-designer. Most people are not willing to do the creativity work although some of them would be excellent real designers. Consequently, Chinese design works is Stagnant. If awareness of copyright and patent is not increased, the fake-products-problem wouldn't be solved from the root. That's why I think increase copyright awareness is pretty important.

China's productivity is in a stage of high pace development and China has a population advantage that attracts more and more investors to establish their produce factories in China in order to reduce their production expense. China has more opportunity to produce product, and gain some profit. However, this only depends on the manufactured product; the gross profit we earned is limited. We need to have our own products, own patent, and exterminate fake products by increasing counterfeit punishment, forbid people to buy fake-products, carry out a series of foster strategies, and increase copyright awareness education . I wish every "made in China" could be changed to "Designed by China" in the future.

dumi 1 / 6,928 1592  
May 21, 2013   #2
If you have looked at the cases of many products, you wouldn't be unfamiliar with the words "made in China".

... I find it's difficult to link the first part with the latter. This is what I suggest;
"Made in China" , these are the words that you would find in the little labels pasted on majority of products today.

It would reduce some original companies' profit and increase transaction expense of consumer.

It would hurt the sales, and sometimes the reputation, of the original company that has the patent rights for its products.
Very good writing and very informative too... Enjoyed reading your essay and wish you good luck!
Habib Rastegar 8 / 18 1  
May 21, 2013   #3
In addition, China has an advantage in population that other countries do not have

China has an advantage which is reated to its population that other countries don't.

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