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The main aim of advertising campaign is to increase sales of a certain product

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Jul 25, 2022   #1
The main aim of advertising campaign is to increase sales of a certain product, but people don't really need it.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is undeniable that advertisement was born to boost product sales and many people hold the opinion that advertisement serves the primary purpose of profit-making from dispensable merchandise. In my opinion, I totally disagree with this idea as commercial advertising helps us to make the right purchase decisions and what really affect the people's choice of products are spending power and their need.

The first reason why advertising should not be deemed only profit-seeking is that it has constantly making people aware of the latest features of a new product. Through all kinds of advertisement presented everywhere, from the banner on a building to commercial breaks between shows on television, people are introduced to what is available now in the market, together with the information about the price range and new unique features. Based on this, customers will themselves decide whether they need it, not the advertisement will.

Second, without advertisement, people virtually can not draw a comparison between different items that serve the same purpose. For example, when a technologically illiterate elderly go to buy a phone, it is likely that he will go for one advertised to be affordable and possess only basic features like texting and calling. In this case, advertising does a great job of providing insight into the product which then helps people make the right choice according to their needs and conditions.

On the other hand, I understand those who argue that there are advertisements that aim to reach sales targets for some unnecessary commodities. There are those from high-end fashion brands, luxurious car brands or phone manufacturers that promote new models on a frequent basis. These types somehow prove to be successful due to people's desire to keep themselves up to date with the latest items. However, not all people are able to afford them, especially people below the middle class. They are very critical of their choice so, in effect, they only exert an impact on a small proportion of the upper-class population.

In conclusion, I believe that advertising is much more than a tool to promote the sales of certain products as it allows smart shopping based on the information customers receive and also because the deciding element of each purchase is actually spending power and how important the product is to a buyer.
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Jul 26, 2022   #2
Stop over discussing the essays. The standard format requires only 4 paragraphs:

Par 1: Restatement + Opinion + Thesis statement
Par 2: Reasoning explanation 1
Par 3: Reasoning explanation 2
Par 4: Concuding summary

There is no need for a 3 reasoning paragraph discussion unless one is discussing a compare and contrast with personal opinion essay. In which case, the 3rd paragraph representing the personal opinion is optional but acceptable. A 3rd paragraph is not necessary in the other discussion formats.

Avoid making attestations in the prompt restatement. A testimony is not a requirement in any task 2 essay because it is not indicative of the original topic presentation. If one wishes to uses it, then it must be integrated into the writer's statement as his personal belief or opinion. It should never be blended into the prompt restatement.

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