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The main feature of an operated photo booth machine. It allows an user to take two types of pictures

Diandin16 9 / 10  
Apr 5, 2016   #1
The diagram below shows an automatic photo booth
Summaries the information by selecting and reporting the main feature and make comparisons where relevant.

The diagram illustrates the main feature of an operated photo booth machine, which allows the user to take two types of picture labeled large format or passport-sized photograph.

There are two main steps on utilizing the machine. Firstly, before entering the booth, a user must insert a coin to a slot located outside the booth.Two buttons on the outside of the booth allow user to select the size of photo (large format or passport size). Passport-sized photos are issued in sets of four photograph and large format setting imprint just single photo. Two buttons below to choose colour or black and white, although users must choose colour for passport photos. There is also a larger slot where the photos are delivered.

The last step is taking the photograph. Inside the booth there is an adjustable stool to sit on. There is a mirror at the top of the booth to help the user preparing himself. the user needs to remember to close the layer before taking the picture. After that, The seat should be adjusted and the eyes are level with the arrow on the screen and when the user ready, user needs to pull the rope in the lamp. A light to the right of the screen comes on, telling you to prepare. After this, the flash goes off after three seconds. The result of the process, sophisticated photographs are delivered outside within sixty seconds.

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Apr 5, 2016   #2
Hi Dian, at a glance I know exactly that this is your work, very sophisticated, very detailed and you do not bind yourself on the information provided but you try to do your own research in order to provide further education to your readers. Moreover, you have a clean stroke in writing, you make sure that the paragraphs are kept to a minimum and the key points are associated in the sentences.

Furthermore, you were able to explain the process of automatic photo booth capture in a way that a normal person would understand and would be able to operate themselves when they need to. As mentioned from earlier notes, the simpler, the better and this is a belief that I share with a lot of people too, because to complicate things means to complicate your life ahead, so Keep It Short and Simple, this is very true in writing.

I hope this analysis and my insights passed the ever strict yet just criticisms of your mentors.

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