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IELTS [WRITING TASK 1] How to make a photo by using machine which is known as automatic photo booth

May 26, 2021   #1

Automatic Photo Booth

This picture elucidates how to produce a photo by using machine which is known as automatic photo booth. This machine gives several instructions whether inside or outside in order to make clients can use appropriately.

In the initial stages of process, the customers need to put some coins into the input coinage. Thereafter, the candidates are provided 2 options of picture format to print the photo out, such as a large format or 4 passport-sized photos. Besides that, the opportunity for choosing colored or black and white photos, but is obliged to be colored for a passport. Ultimately, the photo will be delivered within a minute.

Cut to inside the photo cabinet that has some facilities. In the center ground, before taking a photo the customers are able to fit their position by using adjustable stool and don't forget to close the curtain during the process. On the top of fronted wall there is a mirror that services the clients to check whether they ready or not, and slightly below on the eye level there is a lens. Subsequently, on the top left there is a lamp, once you push the rope you will see a light single flash after 3 seconds.

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May 27, 2021   #2
The task 1 essays requires the exam taker to summarize the information provided. The summary cannot exceed 175-190 words. This is based on the 20 minute writing time limitation. Your essay is only a bit short of the task sword requirement. Your presentation is over-written. Though you will not be penalized for it, the word count opens your presentation to more writing deduction possibilities.

This picture elucidates

While you are using an advanced English word, it does not flow naturally with the presentation. The examiner looks at not only the word meaning, but the applicability of the word in an everyday presentation. The word was used in the right context, but does not fit the presentation format. Do not aim to impress the examiner with impressive vocabulary. Justead, aim to use everyday or common English words that better suit the audience of your writing.

clients can use appropriately.

What is the trend? Which method is simpler to use? Why? You failed to present that in the report.

The overall presentation could be more concise. More significant reporting could have helped. Aim for brevity next time. Be conscious of theTask 1 scoring factors you have to meet with less words.

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