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What makes an advertisement effective ?

Linh769 1 / -  
Oct 20, 2019   #1

the best preparation required

These days, advertisement is everywhere but for effective advertising, it is necessary to consider carefully before making it. There are several ways to do effective advertising. First of all, we must clearly identify the main subjects to advertise products. For example, children is the main object that we are aiming to advertise dairy products. From there we will take out the ideas for the advertising progam in accordance with the preferences of children. Second, to be able to attract a large number of people to see ads, we need to be more creative than the old ads. Especially, these unique ads will cause much impression for customers. Celebrity advertising is another way to make effective ads. This is because people can trust celebrity and they want to be like them. For instance, Opral Winfrey's Book Club was very successful due to using it. However, celebrity must be famous such as actors, singgers or sportpeoples. David Bechkham is a good example. To sum up, I think everething should be used with the best preparation not except advertising.
prmchpra7 2 / 3 1  
Oct 22, 2019   #2
What is the word limit for this essay?
I am not an expert but, I can give you some pointers-

-"it is necessary to consider carefully before making it" For this line, when you say consider carefully, what exactly are you telling us to consider?

-In line two, instead of using "main subjects" maybe use the term "target audience"
- Instead of "Second, to be able to attract ... Especially, these unique ads ..." maybe say something along the lines- "Another important aspect of advertising is the creativity of the advertisement. In order to attract more attention, an advertisement should be able to stand out from other boring advertisements. The uniqueness of an advertisement can have a huge impact on the total numbers of viewers"

These were only a few points that came to my mind. Your essay has good content as in you are able to support your points by giving concrete examples. You just need to work a little bit on grammar, punctuations and overall phrasing of the sentences.

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