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What makes people happy? Good relationship with family and friends. TASK 2 essay

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Oct 7, 2015   #1
Some people say that in order to be happy, you must have a job you love doing. Others say that other factors are more important.

Do you think that people can only be happy if they have a job they really enjoy?

People argue that the way of make them to be happy is have an occupation which they can enjoy at the work. In contrast, some people think that the reason of people to be happy is obtained from the other factors which are most significant. I would argue that this statement has two different views.

There are some reasons to explain when most of people argue that their job becomes the source of their happiness. In addition, they feel appreciated when their occupation can facilitate their idea. This happens because their creativity and hard work get attention from direct supervision. Afterwards, when they do something that they love, it can improve their skills. So, it is important, they have an appropriate job with their passion because they can enjoy all the time. Next, people feel hard and confused because they have complicated problem in their job, when they can through all of the difficulties on time, they would be happy. As a result, joy is essential to make people pleased. So, those can use their time to activity to make them amused such as love to their job.

On the other hand, people argue that when they have a job is not the key to happiness. They believe that there are several reasons which can make their happy. For instance, they have good relationship with friends and family. Good relation with other personal around their life also can be one of the sources of happiness. In the light of the good relationship, it make them forbear to stay live in the place and support them vigorous for help through their activity. As a result, the friendly environment becomes one of the important things that makes them pleased in their lifetime.

In brief, I strongly agree that the reason of people to be happy from other factors not becomes their job. So, they need many factors in their lifetime to make them strong throughout in terrible condition such as good relationship with family and friends.

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