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MAKING CHOCOLATE; ten steps process with the pods for raw-chocolate and factory for final production

NinaJoesuf25 36 / 66 4  
Nov 21, 2016   #1
The diagram shows the process of how to make chocolate. Overall, it is important to bear in mind that the total of stages is ten steps included the pods which are taken for raw-chocolate production and the factory which creates for final-chocolate production.

To begin, the cocoa is taken from the cacao tree with choosing the cocoa ripe and pods which is grown in South America, Africa, and also Indonesia. Before the beans is fermented, the pods are harvested and the white cocoa beans are grabbed from its place. Afterwards, the fermented beans is laid in the huge tray under the sunshine. Following several times, the cocoa are placed in the sack and ready to be delivered to several factories with a lorry.

After in the second-hand production, the beans are roasted at a temperature of 350 degrees. Subsequently, the beans are crushed and separated from the outer shell. In the end of this stage, the final process is seen to produce chocolate from the inner part pressed.
justivy03 - / 2,366 607  
Nov 21, 2016   #2
Hi Nina, as I go through the essay, the first thing I noticed is the fact that you were not able to include the diagram or at least the link to it.

This is very important as it will be the basis of the feedback, you know that we do try our very best to provide you with the most accurate remarks and insights you can get, in order for you to revise your analysis essay accordingly.

Having said that, I would like to let you know that the number of paragraphs is just right for what is asked for your analysis, however, again this is just my notes on the physical attributes of the analysis and I have a few additional suggestions for the last paragraph of the essay.

- After in the second-handthe second part of the production,
- In the end of this stage, theThe final
- stage of the process is seen to produce
-fine grade chocolate from the inner part pressed .

There you have it Nina, as mentioned, this is just a very rough and initial observation, I would ask for you to reply to this post with the diagram or the link to it.
yjung17 8 / 20 2  
Nov 21, 2016   #3
Before the beans are fermented, the pods are ...
Afterwards, the fermented beans are laid in the huge ...
..., the cocoa is placed in the sack ...
OP NinaJoesuf25 36 / 66 4  
Nov 21, 2016   #4
@justivy03 I'm sorry Ivy, it is my bad.
so, this is the diagram regarding process of making chocolate

justivy03 - / 2,366 607  
Nov 24, 2016   #5
Hi Nina, yes indeed, it is the diagram that needs to be attached to this particular analysis essay. As mentioned, it is definitely advised for you to include this in the analysis as this will be the basis of your analysis and not only that, it will also be beneficial for you when you do the comparison of the insights and the remarks provided by the contributors.

One thing that is also beneficial when you add the provided graph, it will boost the comprehension of the contributor who's editing and trying to help you out in enhancing your analysis.

Moving forward, I hope you keep writing, try to learn new writing strokes, there's always a lot to learn and a new skill to develop. I would also like you to engage you into habitual reading, this will absolutely help you increase your vocabulary and will eventually be very useful when you write yet another article.

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