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Making a healthy lifestyle is a responsibility of government or individual.discuss

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Jul 22, 2010   #1
]Many people think it's the government's responsibility to ensure a country has a healthy lifestyle. Others believe it's up to individuals to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Discuss and state your opinion. Include relevant examples from your country.

I wrote this essay to prepare for my Ielts test. Please check it for me.thanks for your help.

Today, as society is developing more and more, living standard are better and better, a good lifestyle plays a vital role in modern life. Some people argue that making a healthy lifestyle is a responsibility of government while others think individual should care about this for themselves.

A healthy lifestyle is defined as a fresh environment, a good infrastructure that have a numerous of parks, zoos and enjoyable places, a fundamental medical services and strong economic. All of these things need the hand of government and also government can make them better. Thus, bringing a healthy lifestyle is a responsibility of government. It is highly likely that people have a healthy lifestyle with the help of government power. The most significant proof of this is people obtain awareness on protecting environment due to the legislation; edifices were built to server the demand of people, parks or other entertainment help people relax and reduce stress.

However, not only government but also individual should be taken responsibility for making a healthy lifestyle. It will be no sense if fresh environment or beautiful places like parks that are made by the best of government are destroyed by human activities. Furthermore, a healthy lifestyle is made if each person is respectful with all good service such as medical programs, education from government. They probably encourage but can not decide instead of their citizen for preserving a healthy lifestyle.

All in all, in my way of thinking, making a healthy lifestyle is responsibility of both government and individual. A healthy lifestyle can not be made without either government or each citizen.

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