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The Maldives... jewel of Indian Ocean

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Oct 30, 2018   #1

the most relaxing and inspiring journey in my whole life

The Maldives, Jewel of Indian Ocean, the most attractive country to tourists around the world which I had been dreaming of visiting it someday to enjoy its charming beaches and to learn more about its cosine and history. So finally, when the chance came to me in the day of 16th August 2016, I immediately flew to Coco island, One of the most beautiful and gorgeous island in the Maldives. Honestly, it was the most relaxing and inspiring journey in my whole life.

When the airplane entered the airspace of the Maldives, I looked from the airplane window to see how does the Maldives look like from above. I amazed by the view of the bright crystal water which surround all of the islands, and the evergreen, huge and perennial trees. Although I have seen it before on videos, the real sight amazed me. After the airplane landed in capital city "Male", the tour guide received me and took me to the Water jet which would transfer me to the resort in Coco island. The idea of taking off from the water astounded me a lot. I arrived at the Sundown time. I really loved the fascinating Reflection of the sun on the water, and the Fresh air blight coming to me with the smell of aromatic flowers.

In the evening, I had my dinner in Ufaa Restaurant, which serves all-day dining, with a healthy menu of South India prepared using fresh seafood and organic vegetables. And I enjoyed very much the sweet chili taste of the Maldivian's food.

During the few next days, I experienced many exciting activities and visited many beautiful sites. I went to swim and Surfing on the high waves which revived all my senses. After that I went to visit the national museum, the ancient Maldivian's sultan castle. It has wide amount of Collectibles and exhibits about the history and heritage of the country, I felt as I traveled to the past when I entered it. Another great site in the Maldives is the big Mosque, the largest mosque in the Maldives and the most unique in engineering design with its golden dome and minarets. When I passed in, I felt a deep spiritual feeling Because of the splendor of the place.

In conclusion, I can describe my vacation in the Maldives as the most unforgettable action in my life. Because Maldives has an extraordinary effect on my hart and senses. So I hope I could visit this Exciting and Awesome country again in future.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,999 2704  
Oct 31, 2018   #2
Mohammed, this is an acceptable English writing exercise. While you do have existing grammar problems, these do not make your narration difficult to understand. I found that your descriptions were imaginative although you made certain reference errors in your presentation. For example, South India is a location, what you meant to say was South Indian dishes, which refers to the food in the region.

You also need to be conscious of when you capitalize words. Only the first word of every new sentence is capitalized. Proper nouns should be capitalized when used in any section of the sentence. No other instances require word capitalization in a written presentation.

You show real potential when it comes to creative writing. This type of English writing exercise will help you better develop you use of the language and familiarize you with more English words. Good job! I hope to read more from you in the future.
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Oct 31, 2018   #3
thank you very much
I appreciate your corrections
and i promise that i will develop my writing
best regards

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