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The map illustrates the process of producing chocolate (there are ten steps)

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Oct 29, 2021   #1

The diagram shows how chocolate is produced

The map illustrates the process of producing chocolate.

Overall, it is clear from the map that there are ten steps to make chocolate from cacao trees to liquid chocolate.

In the beginning, cacao trees are grown mostly in South America, Africa, and Indonesia. People plan them until they become ripe red pods. Then, after a period, pods are harvested and taken out white cocoa beans. After that, the beans are fermented and then dried in the sun to get their tans. Brown beans after sunbathing are put in large packages and transported by trains or lorries to factories.

In factories, beans are roasted in the oven at more than 300 degrees. They may smell great after that. In the next step, beans are put in a machine to separate their crushes and outer shells, which are removed. Then people take crushed beans to an inner part machine to press them into liquid form. That is how chocolates are produced
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Oct 30, 2021   #2
The map illustrates

it is clear from the map

This is an incorrect image reference. A map is not used in this presentation. An illustrative diagram or diagram would be the most appropriate reference. A map refers to a representation, usually on a flat surface, as of the features of an area of the earth or a portion of the heavens, showing them in their respective forms, sizes, and relationships according to some convention of representation. Based on the definition, you can see why markdowns will apply to specific aspects of your score.


Incorrect word usage again. The trees are planted . Not plan. A plan refers to a scheme or method of acting, doing, proceeding, making, etc., developed in advance.


Crushes? This does not sound right. The procedure indicates that the beans are crushed. This incorrect reference will be marked down for confusing the reader.

Basically, the essay will fail lbased on LR and GRA mistakes that are prevalent in the presentation.

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