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Task 1_ Map_The maps below show how the town of Harborne changes from 1936 to 2007

Truong Ha 1 / -  
Jan 11, 2019   #1

more options in this town now

The diagrams illustrate the transformation town of Harborne, comparing 1936 with 2007.
Overall, It is clear from the maps that the town changed considerablly over the period shown with the appearance of the ressidentail area in the north east of the village. Additionalluy, the town has provided more options for shopping and leisure activities.

From 1936 to 2007, the area around the the river was developed into a residential area in the north easten part of the city. The number of trees located in the north west dropped significantly in the 71 years period.

In the center of the town, the post office, bank and library still remain. The sweet shop and butchers were destroyed, followed by the apperance of a new supermarket. The flower shop was delomished to make way for the travel agent. The bike path in the south west was redesigned as a road. In the south east, the government offices were replaced by a museum . Whereas the farmland was become the golf couse.

RIA123 1 / 3  
Jan 11, 2019   #2
I think, you can write something else instead of writing: river was developed into residential area. For example, you can write: The area around the river is seen encroached by a residential area.

There are plenty of spelling mistakes too.
considerably, demolished, residential, northeastern, additionally, golf course
You can also use transition words to make the flow very smooth. for example:
... still remain. However, the sweet shop ...

instead of writing, Whereas the farmland ...
you can write:
The farmland is seen replaced by a golf course.

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