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Task 1: The maps elaborate on the layout moderations of an art gallery's ground floor

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Dec 1, 2021   #1

Task 1: The maps below show the changes in the art gallery ground floor in 2015 and the present day.[/b]

I am sorry that the image file is too big to put in. Please help me with expression, grammar, and word choice.

The two given maps elaborate on the layout moderations of an art gallery's ground floor, respectively depicting the gallery in 2015 and in the present.

Generally, the art gallery has undergone a course of refurbishments and relocations in order to incorporate more facilities and make use of the space to provide its audience with a better experience. The vending machine and the lift were additionally set up as a result of remodeling.

In 2015, on the right-handed side, the respective exhibition room numbered from 1 to 3 was built alongside to which, while on the left side, the cafe, gallery office, and the exhibition room 4 were vertically also built in consecutive sequence. In 2020, the mentioned-latter facilities have been totally removed to make space for the new ones, including respectively the gallery shop, vending machine, temporary exhibition and children's area.

Observing from the entrance of the art gallery, in 2015, the entrance hall, one could also spot, occupied a large bottom area, in front of which were the receptionist and the stairs. Now, after the redesigned scheme, the former has been relocated, being moved back for the purpose of freeing up the space. Eventually, the lift has been introduced next to a set of stairs, making use of the blank area.
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The two given maps

Familiarize yourself with the different images used in the task 1 essay. A map shows a representation, of an exterior flat land surface. It is based on the features of a land mass such as "a map of the island". :Sometimes, it is also referred to as a sketch, or plan, in relation to a course of action as in "Map out your plan of action". What you have here is an illustration, which is a drawing of a picture that defines or describes a picture or drawing. You must properly identify the images as your task accuracy considers your ability to correctly explain what image is presented to the reader.

Basically, your essay tries its best to represent the images provided but uses too many words in the process. Your essay is over the maximum 200 word count for this task. 200 ia the most number of words you can write within 20 minutes. However, that word count does not leave you any time for editing and proof reading. The most approrpiate word count is 175 words. Keep it concise.

You also failed to proof read and correct the errors in your presentation. You need to at least practice proofreading on your own because that will be a requirement when you take the actual test. Get used to doing it in your practice test.

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