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The maps inform about the present changes in the town center of Islip and planned in the future.

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Jul 31, 2018   #1

Test 6 - Cambridge 12 essay on a city development

The maps compare the changes in the town center of Islip between at present and in the future.
It is clear that there will be more facilities constructed in the center of Islip. Besides, a new infrastructure will be built in order to replace the old one.

Compared with the present map, the main road will be restricted for pedestrians. And a new dual carriageway which runs around the whole city center are planned to be built.

Moreover, shops located on the northern side of the main road at present will be planned to be demolished in the aim of constructing some new facilities. There will be four new blocks such as bus station, shopping center, car park and new housing. Meanwhile, opposite shops, situated on the southern side of the main road, will not be damaged. However, there will be newly built housing and the park of the city will be reduced in size.

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Aug 1, 2018   #2
Anh, in this analytical report, you should be delivering the following paragraphs in order to meet the expected report presentation:

1. Overview paragraph
2. Description of the old image
3. Description of the new image
4. Description of areas that had notable changes or remained the same

The reason that you need to present these information in the 4 body paragraphs is because this is mainly a comparison analytical report. So your analysis needs to be based on the before and after images, with specific mention of highlights in both drawings. Aim to write 175 words for that purpose. That word count allows you to write more than the minimum word count in a manner that will have a truly notable impact on the scoring considerations. Do not start your sentences with connecting words such as "And" since it comes after a period. Which means the first sentence ended in its presentation so there is no connecting idea that leads into the next statement. Here is an example of how to use the word "And" in a sentence:

... for pedestrians and a new dual carriage...

Also, try to explain more per paragraph in order to push your C&C and GRA scores to the highest possible considerations. You have a 5 sentence maximum requirement so aim to write at least 3 or 4 sentences per paragraph with 5 being the ideal presentation number. You did this format once in the last paragraph of this essay and that, in all honesty, is the best paragraph you presented in the essay because of the clarity of the explanation and description you presented.

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