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E-market has become an ever-increasing trend and gradually overtaken in-store shopping. Pros & cons.

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Jan 16, 2019   #1
Please advice me on this. Thanks a lot!

shopping online is replacing shopping at store

With the fast-growth of technology in the modern days, e-market has become an ever-increasing trend and gradually overtaken in-store shopping. Indeed, online shopping offers both customers and business-makers plenty of benefits, it also comes with several drawbacks.

In respect to the bright side, there are different pros worth mentioning. First, service-users find e-shopping incredibly time-saving, especially for those who are snowed under with work and family concerns. In fact, innumerable products could be delivered in the front door only with a click of mouse as e-shopping doesn't require physical travel and it provides convenient door-to-door service to the buyers. Secondly, e-market-buyers could have access to the international trade and make a purchase of any items outside their country. Amazon is a prominent example which offers customers wider choices with an excessive number of items and competitive prices from variety shops and stores globally. Thirdly, e-shopping also opens a huge number of business opportunities for small retailers to make great profits without the necessary of hiring an office or staff to maintain the operation of their shops.

All things considered, the demerits of online shopping should be also addressed. First, purchasing items online might cause satisfaction, disappointment and frustration to the buyers. In many cases, service-makers are prone to display glossy photos of their products to boost their sale; however, the quality or materials of such items are not as advertised. Second, people who access to e-shopping are more likely be at risk of being victimized by computer crimes. In fact, those making online purchase encounter higher chances of being hacked. For example, customers' ID cards, banking accounts or even private information might be invaded or fringed by hackers and bad people.

In conclusion, disregarding the disadvantages, online-shopping has gained in popularity and appeared to continue blooming and overshadowing conventional shopping in the upcoming years.

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Jan 17, 2019   #2
Duong, without the prompt, I cannot assess the responsiveness of your essay. So this review will only be based on a review of your writing skills, grammar problems, and other presentation points for improvement. Please remember to include the full prompt next time you post a practice essay for our review so that you can receive a thorough assessment of your work.

Kindly remember that you are writing an academic paper. Therefore, contractions such as "doesn't" is unacceptable in this presentation. It must be presented in the academic form "does not". Contractions will have an effect on your GRA score because you are assessed on your familiarity with English writing rules. You should also use more descriptive terms instead of simple descriptions. For example, you could have created a more interesting presentation, and also increased your LR, GRA + C&C score if you had said "a substantial number" rather than "a huge number". Using advanced English words in the proper manner will always help boost your overall score since the scoring brackets are inter-related.

These are the important points of concern, as I view it, within your essay. I am sure that I could have come up with a more complete review if you had just completed the prompt presentation. Maybe next time...

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