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Materials printed on paper or given in an electronic form? I am working for Toefl Exam.

Fahri 2 / 3  
Sep 21, 2017   #1
The Question
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is better to use printed material such as books and articles to do research than it is to use the internet. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

researching materials form

Researching is important part of our lives. We face many subjects to do research in our daily life. These can be about job, education or other necessary things. Some people choose printed materials such as books and articles while researching. Also, some of them prefer internet. In my point of view using printed materials is not good choice. I always research by internet for two important reasons.

The main reason is that we can access the information that we need easily and rapidly with the help of internet. Accessing the information is not feasible everywhere. Many countries still have not enough libraries, schools and educational possibilities. The people who are living in there can't benefit from printed materials. However, internet can be widely used in many regions of countries. For example few years ago, I was living at the Kinik where is a small town of Antalya. I had limited time to present my homework to the school. I could not find any library to search about topic of homework. Because Kinik was very small town and hadn't any library. The only way was going to to center of Antalya for necessary resources. Center was so far from Kinik. With these circumstances I completed my homework by Google without going to center. As you can see, I was not able to present my homework easily if the internet doesn't exist.

Secondly using internet is beneficial for nature. People don't need a papers when they research from internet. Naturally , any reduction of the requirement of the paper will effects cutting trees positively. For example , I had researches about histroy of financial products. It was a project of the university. I used the library to found necessary books and magazines. Surprisingly the library did not share these materials for one week. Responsibles accepted just few hours to photocopy. Approximately , I took 150 pages of copies. This situation caused paper consumption. If they could share these books on the internet, papers was not counsumed for photocopy. This experience taught to me that using internet for researches helps to nature instead photocopy.

To summarize , according to me choosing internet is better to do research than is the use printed material. Internet using is good choice not only for easy access information but also beneficial for nature. Every body should use internet to do researches.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,625 2516  
Sep 21, 2017   #2
Fahri, rather than creating your own information in relation to the original prompt, you must simply restate the prompt in your own understanding. There is a particular format that the paraphrase must follow. Let me show you an example of how this prompt should have been rewritten in a different but similar understanding:

There are some people who believe that research is better completed using printed materials. Others believe that seeking educational information using internet sources are a more efficient alternative. Personally, I disagree that using printed material for research is better than using the internet. In this essay, I will present two specific reasons and examples to support my opinion.

The closer your representation of the original prompt through the use of keywords from the original or synonyms that allow you represent the same word in a different manner, the better your chances to show off your English grammar and vocabulary skills. You don't need to create a non prompt related introduction. The prompt itself offers you plenty of opportunity to display your English writing skills.

Now, since you are allowed 3 body of paragraphs with which to present your reasons and examples, I suggest that you always present one topic per paragraph. In this particular essay, the example that you gave about the backward community you were in would have been more effectively presented as a separate paragraph. That way, the previous reason that you gave could have been given a more expanded discussion. You did well in the 3rd body of reasoning paragraph. I just wish you had done better in the previous paragraph. Always aim to present 5 paragraphs in the essay, which is the maximum, in order to better highlight your English skills. Writing less than that does you a disservice.

ESL writers have this predisposition to quote themselves when they write. Since it is impossible to quote yourself by saying "according to me" as the term "according to" means you are referring to a statement by someone else, it would be best to rephrase that part by saying, "To close this essay, I would like to repeat that I believe". "I believe" takes the place of "according to me" in this instance.

In relation to the aforementioned discussion, I would like to tell you that you did a good job in the concluding paragraph. Your only shortcoming in that aspect is that you forgot to restate the original prompt prior to the presentation of your summarized discussion information. No matter though. You did an acceptable job with the essay even with the problems that I noted above. I hope you take note of the problems and improve upon them over your coming practice tests.

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