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What does matter more: teaching domestic or international history?

vulong79 1 / -  
Aug 13, 2019   #1

learning local history rather than world history

It is more important for schoolchildren to learn about local history than world history. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some people argue that it is important for children to study folk history rather than world history. I disagree with this view, because I think that both of them have equally significant value to help children develop their knowledge in historic domain.

On the one hand, studying local history would help pupils know more about cultural tradition of their own countries. This will also provide an opportunity to advertise their image and resident to international friends, thereby attracting a lot of tourists to visit and explore. This also promotes development of tourism, creates more jobs for civilian, and contributes to government budgets. For instance, in international letter-writing competition for young people. Understanding national history can help Vietnamese pupils introduce to international friends about the anti-invader tradition from a thousand year ago, with many heroes and historical relics associated with it such as battle of Bach Dang river, Dien Bien Phu in the air or Cu Chi tunnels. This contributes to advertise the image of Vietnam in the eyes of international friends.

On the other hand, learning world history would help students gain deeply more about outside world, traditions and customs of different countries. This give a beneficial condition for interchange and cultural exchange with international friends; therefore, people could be closer and easier to integrate. For example, currently, many universities have cultural exchange curriculums between other nations, so understanding history, culture, and people could help student approach and adapt easily to new environment.

In conclusion, it seems to me that teaching domestic and international history together could fully equip for student all knowledge that help them in the long run.

min0822 3 / 3 3  
Aug 13, 2019   #2
... local history would helps pupils know ...

This will also provide ...
-->This will also make them capable of introducing their home countries to foreigners, thereby attracting more tourists to visit their countries.

This also promotes development ...
-->With the development of tourism, more jobs are created, and governments earn more money.

-->For instance, the international ... people in Vietnam creates an opportunity to the world to introduce the anti-invader tradition ... associated with them such as ... To write the letter, students require a deep understanding of national history.

-->... learning world history helps students know more about the world, including traditions and ...

-->... many universities provide cultural exchange curriculums with other nations, ... help student adapt easily ...
Maria [Contributor] - / 952 342  
Aug 13, 2019   #3
Hello there. Seeing as you are new here, I welcome you to the forum! I hope you find the feedback you see here to be helpful for your writing endeavors.

On top of what has already been mentioned, I'll try to curate a more structural and meaning-based guidance on the essay to assist you.

I think that the first paragraph can be improved if you focus more on prioritizing particular details of content. Taking a look at it, it appears to be quite messy how you just jumped into the first two perspectives in a snap. It would be better to have an introductory or supplementary line on top of it to build up your words a bit more.

The second paragraph is also a bit too tensed. I would suggest dividing it into smaller chunks.

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