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Today's media information is a heated issue that is faced by human beings around of the world.

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Feb 2, 2015   #1
The media pay too much attention to the lives and relationships of celebrities such as actors, singers

Today's media information is a heated issue that faced by human beings around of the world. Media devices are more interested in exploring a private life of a famous person as the highlight news than reporting usually information from society.

I would argue that information which notice about celebrities caught more attention from public community and built curiosity of citizens. Result shows that the number of purchasing magazines sold increases every year around the globe, whereas inhabitants leave the information about global issue such as disaster, politic problems or happening issues which mentioned by newspapers. Therefore, media are more likely to search information about a well-known person intensively, so that bubble space of famous person is limited.

Furthermore, inhabitants consider that discovering information from a famous person can shape self style because a famous person is a role model for them. Psychologists found that nowadays people are likely to hunt information about celebrity's life because this is self-satisfied form. For instance, Kim Kardashian fan, Jordan James Parke spent $150,000 on more than FIFTY cosmetic procedures to transform into idol. By doing this, he feels more comfortable about himself. Consequently, all information in terms of their idol has to grab even if the information is inappropriate for several people.

Despite the above agreement to show entertainment message, there are several reasons that media should report about common issues from community, which happen among society. Firstly, information from ordinary people in one area educates local community. A good example for this statement is that media devices showcase about political issue that the message of the news is informative for people and therefore viewers become having a critical thinking and gaining knowledge about the issue. Secondly, the ordinary information such as volunteer worker and charity event is able to encourage people having awareness about others. Lastly, people caught wide-ranging information, which offered by media.

The aforementioned examines that it seems that the information about ordinary people and celebrities should be equal so that people can have fun and learn something in the same time. Where possible, Government should eliminate the information, which is worse for humankind.

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Feb 2, 2015   #2
The prompt is missing something! but anyways, i found some of your mistakes, here we goes.
s around of the world.
for people ,and therefore, . Do not use firstly or lastly. Attempt to come up with some other sentence structures.

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