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Media should place emphasis on good news or bad news? IELTS writing task 1

Thaokett2005 1 / -  
Aug 1, 2022   #1

the scarcity of good news coverage in the media

In this day and age, there is a tendency that media coverage is solely centered around issues and urgent affairs instead of good news. While some believe that it would take its toll on individuals and the general community, I would argue that it has positive effects in this regard as well.

Undeniably, the world is already stressful so if more and more negative news becomes widely available, people might descend into emotional chaos as a result of overwhelmingness. For example, the proliferation of rising unemployment rate would subject job seekers to serious mental illnesses such as depression because it would adversely demotivate their morale. By contrast, the availability of optimistic information published on social media would significantly diminish a sense of demotivation or intense stress arising from unpalatable truth as it possibly shifts the general society to positive mood, creating a motivation to go through hardships. To elaborate, although environmental problems are getting worse and impairing people's life, the widespread news about future plausible solutions adopted to alleviate them would drastically settle people into a belief that the environment could be better, sooner or later.

However, I also believe that the focus of media on essential problems could play an integral role in making people and the community to face and deal with them, therefore producing a better result. To begin with, nowadays there are urgent issues that need quick actions to be taken and adequate information from news sources to enhance people's understanding, otherwise it would be more and more serious later on. For example, if the general society are well-informed about the air contamination and its irreversible damage caused by themselves, all inhabitants could take measures timely to reduce their carbon footprint by using eco-friendly transports such as buses or trains. Without appropriate newspaper, people and the society, however, would never know how severe such problems are and the general air quality would be accelerating as a consequence.

All things considered, while I acknowledge the negative impacts of media centering around issues, I also understand its positive sides.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,430 4691  
Aug 1, 2022   #2
The essay will qualify for an automatic failing score. That is an accurate assessment based upon how the writer proves to not have understood the prompt requirements when it comes to the opinion question / required response. The guide question was framed as an extent question. The writer delivered a response based on a positive or negative response instead. The essay has failed to respond to the task question since the provided response is totally unrelated to the question.

It is not just an incorrect response format issue but also, a discussion alteration problem. This will result in an overall failing score regardless of the discussion presentation and other scoring considerations. He must become more familiar with task 2 question and response styles to avoid future unrelated response errors.

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