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Meet the First Baby Born with 3 Biological Parents

Aris05 31 / 24 1  
Sep 28, 2016   #1
A recent time, there was an uncommon event when the baby was born with three biological genetic and doctor John Zhang led the childbirth process in Mexico. this news was reported by the new scientist magazine. In the first time, the method actually experienced controversy in particular The United States. However, As professional doctor, Zhang had to save the life of baby. In this case, mother brought an abnormal DNA that can harm the baby's health. Thus, the baby was susceptible to get ill and give a higher risk of death. To avoiding this situation happen is vital to take the partial mother's DNA which carried disease and substitute with the donor's egg. After happening the situation, some health specialist stated that they agreed toward what doctor Zang had done.
rizaldohabibie 19 / 35  
Sep 28, 2016   #2
I have some suggestions for you..

[T] his news was reported by the [N] ew cientist [M] agazine.
>> have a look on the capitalisation

... controversy in particular[particularly in] The United States.
>> the adverb position

I hope it helps..

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