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We meet many people in the course of our lifetimes. Choose one who is most unforgettable and why.

Jenya1970 1 / 4 3  
Feb 10, 2015   #1
During our life span we come across so many people with different character, nature and personality.These people could either be our parents, relatives,friends, co-workers or they could be completely unknown to you.Each new person that comes into our life teaches us something and leaves life long impression on our mind.Some people are so lively, friendly, intelligent, informative, humorous and full of knowledge that you feel so proud to have them in your life.You always crave for their company and want to spend most of your time with them as they add quality to your over all personality.In other words we can call them a true friend, philosopher and guide.One such person who changed my life is my colleague Mrs Rao.

Mrs Rao's personality is multifaceted.Out of all the outstanding qualities that she possesses; the most remarkable is her quiet and smiling nature.she never uttered a word of advice to anyone around her as she believes that ones "Action speaks louder than words".She set her own example to her juniors by teaching her students with love, dedication, patience and affection. she never looked tired at work and was always cheerful and ready to work on new projects with the students.I was junior to her by one year in the school where I worked but she changed my attitude towards life.I always complained about the life's struggle and work load that I had to face each day at school.Mrs Rao became an inspiration for me to live life cheerfully.

Not only juniors like me but senior teachers as well as administrative staff was pleased to have her presence and she was like an asset to the management. She gained the respect of everyone around her. I am really thankful to Mrs Rao for changing my personality from egoistic woman to an easy going, simple and down to earth person.She never tried to changed me directly but her influence was so strong that with the passing of one yEr with her I transformed into a new woman with lots of love for my students and work.

Mrs Rao in real sense became my role model or hero silently.I do believe today that there are good people out there.we just need to be inspired by them and follow them for our own good. The world is full of good and bad people but if we filter them with the sieve of our understanding and intelligence we would definitely come across a gem like person whom we could never forget in our life span.

pbjc7991 1 / 3 1  
Feb 12, 2015   #2
A good essay. I think the first paragraph is a bit of a drag and unnecessarily wordy. You can try shortening the first paragraph to at most 3 sentences. Other than that, all was fairly good. The essay can become more life-like with some real-life examples, instances or incidents of how this person has influenced you. All the best.

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