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Members of a group can learn from each other, and it will help compensate one's weaknesses.

je2ks2 19 / 10  
Nov 28, 2008   #1
Here is another essay. Well... I do not really remember what the prompt was exactly. (It was just gone!!) It was about which the study style-study alone or study in a group with other people?-is more effective... or something.

Some people believe that the group study only turns out to be a waste of time because in many cases, group members do not do their parts. However, their claim obviously overlooks the potential benefits of studying with a group of people. This essay will examine the advantages of group study.

First, members of a group can learn from each other, and it will help compensate one's weaknesses. Each individual has unique, different characteristic and strength. For instance, one of the group members can be especially good at economics while he is not really doing well on mathematics. Some of the members who are confident in Math can help him when he struggles with math problems. In other times, he can also help other members with his economic knowledge whenever needed. That is one member's strong asset can compensate the other's deficient skill and vice versa, which leads to a great positive effect on every member.

Second, studying with a group of people can get rid of excessive load of heavy tasks. During the semester, it is quite common for students to be given somewhat extensive presentations or projects. Luckily most of this kind of assignment is asked to be done in a group. But what if this type of task requires students to do alone? Summarizing 200 pages of the book individually can be overwhelming, but if working together with five people, each assigned 50 pages, can drastically reduce the burden of this assignment.

Group work is believed to be an effective study strategy among many students due to many reasons. Most of all, group work values the strong point of each member so that all of group members can learn from each other. Also, it takes the burden of big assignment off significantly. Therefore, the power of studying with a group of people should not be disregarded.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Nov 28, 2008   #2
At the start of the essay, you might want to list the main points you will make.

Also, spend a paragraph acknowledging the arguments AGAINST group work. For example, everyone in a group might shirk responsibility and leave it all up to one member to do the work.

Another reason group work is preferable is that errors can be avoided if everybody helps to ensure accuracy.

If you search for key words with Google Scholar, you can find a good article to support each point you make. Mention research studies that support each of your ideas. You'll need 3 or 4 of them.

Good luck!!
OP je2ks2 19 / 10  
Nov 29, 2008   #3
well, the essay I am practicing is time-impromptu writing, which means I am not allowed to reserch something on the web while writing the essay, so it is impossible to mention the research studies. Also, there is word-limit as a test format, approximately 200 words as well as time-limit. I don't think I could come up with 3 or 4 ideas due to time constraint during the test.

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