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Men to share housework with women - topic idea

Wendy White 1 / -  
Sep 4, 2015   #1
Please help me with this topic: Do you think men should share housework with women? Why or why not?

Here is my essays. Please point out any errors and please make suggestions for improvements.

Moving from the previous years to the present, there is a significant change in men's attitude to the housework at home. They seem to become more involved in doing the household activities to help their wives for these following reasons.

To begin with, I am believed that household chores should be distributed regardless of whoever has longer working time. The number of hours doing chores decreases as more and more women start to go out for earning money. It makes the pay gap between gender closer.

Secondly, women are in arrears with the challenge of banlancing between work and family, they are unquestionably exhausted and stressed. With the men's participation in the housework, the burden as well as the pressure on women is reduced, more or less. Take my father as an example. He always spent at least four hours per day to do these things: washing dishes, cleaning the rooms...Therefore, when my mom went home, she didn't have to do much. Moreover, she gained more free time to pursuing her hobbies and of course taking an interest in my studies.

Thirdly, by dint of doing more housework, men want to show their gentle, empathy and respect toward their beloved wives. Besides, it is also a perfect way to prove that their wives has made the right decision when marring them. For those women, it is very meaningful ang they feel touched.

In a nutshell, the responsibilities of both work-life and family life should be shared between two partners. The more time they do the chores together, the happier their marriage is.

justivy03 - / 2,367 607  
Sep 4, 2015   #2
@Wendy, first of all, here in EF we don't write an essay for you, we proof read and we enhance it.
It's good that you have a topic to write about, so here's some guidelines that hopefully will help out;

- what is gender equality
- how does gender equality affect household
- as a woman what household chore do you normally do
- knowing men, what do you think are they capable of doing when it comes to household chores
- leaving aside the work assignments what do you think is the best way to create harmonious relationship in the household.
Lastly, be objective and site examples.

Enjoy writing, post it here and we will help you further.

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