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IELTS TASK 2: Men and women should share equal responsibility for doing household chores

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Dec 10, 2021   #1
Both men and women these days work full-time, so it is logical for them to share household chores equally. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is true that, throughout the world, number of dual-income families is considerably increasing. When there are two wages contribute to family budget, I firmly believe that both men and women should have equal responsibility for doing household chores.

For the first reason, the old pattern taking root in society that housework should be only done by women is no longer appropriate in modern culture in which both men and women have full-time jobs. It is labor-intensive if working women are expected to handle all household chores when they are, along with men, also breadwinners. Men and women cope with heavy workload at their workplace and arrive home worn-out either physically or mentally. Therefore, it is logical and fair for both to shoulder the burden of household chores equally.

Secondly, chores are rendered to be easier to do thanks to the advances of science and technology. Some people think that women are naturally better at housework than men. Labor-saving appliances, however, are invented to make chores greatly lighter and to be easily operated by anyone, regardless of gender. For example, a man can help his wife wash clothes by using washing machine and tidy the living room by using vacuum cleaner while the women cook nutritious dishes for family. He can warm up ready meals by using microwave ovens while his partner baths their children. Sharing housework together is not only the responsibility of both men and women but a good way to strengthen family bond and build up mutual understanding between partners.

To recapitulate, although some conflicts might be triggered when equally sharing the duties of household tasks, I totally agree that when men and women have full-time jobs, they should shoulder the burden of chores together.
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Dec 11, 2021   #2
It is true that

As this is a restatement of the original topic, the writer is not allowed to add information to the rephrasing that would alter the content of the original. In this case, there is no reference in the original to a "truth" about any information. This is a prompt alteration that will negatively affect the task accuracy of the restatement. Avoid making any additional claims in your restatement to avoid such score reductions. Always restate in a matter-of-fact manner. No deductions, no additions to the claim.

although some conflicts might be triggered

Please make sure that you stop this habit of adding information to the task accuracy related paragraphs of the essay. You can only use such information in the reasoning paragraphs. The aforementioned addition once again changes the original statement. The summary conclusion is expected to accurately restate the original topic a second time. You do not need to embellish on it.

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