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'merchandise transported by various means' - ielts- writting task 1

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Aug 2, 2012   #1
Provided multiple-line graph exhibits the volume of merchandise transported by various means throughout the period from 1974 to 2002 in United Kingdom. Behind this is a mutual growing tendency in quantities of good transported by road, water, pipeline and railroad is an exception of constant remain at about 40 million tones.

It is evident that overland transport dominated the majority quantities of good transported both in 1974 and 2002-somewhere around 70 million tones and nearly 100 million tones respectively. Conversely, the lowest carrying capacity both in 1974 and 2002 was on pipeline account- about 5 million tones and slightly over 20 million tones respectively. Seaway transport, meanwhile, stabilized relatively about 40 million tones from 1974 to 1978, where it started to rise exponentially to approximately 60 million tones, after which it plateaued for about 20 years before beginning to grow gradually again.

With regard to the remainder, the total cargo transported by railroad has gone through a chaotic downward at some extent between 40 million tones down to 20 million tones during the whole period but still reserved the volume of 40 million tones in 1974 and 2002

In conclusion, the road retains as the most popular method of transporting good in the UK, water and pipeline are becoming increasingly used, whereas railroad is not a widespread method.

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