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Merits and demerits regarding learning of foreign language in a primary school

Afdhel 14 / 21 1  
Oct 6, 2016   #1
The blooming of English in the modern era encourage educators to accelerate the introduction of English in the first level, in particular, in elementary school. Personally, I agree with this opinion. I will give my view with some opinions.

A research in developmental psychology shows growth of childhood involving the ability of language. Because one of intelligence is language. Learning a foreign language in earliest school brings the creativity of student increase steadily. Psychologists, such as Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustave Jung, even appoint the infancy generation as a golden age in human development. If children fail get intelligence input at the childhood stage. The situation will have effect in the future.

On other hands, there are some reasons why knowing foreign language is important to be instituted in the first educational level. Firstly, it can encourage the power of brain which hones the smartness. Secondly, learning the global language in elementary school create the classroom will be more fun. For instance, many students learn to identify a number of animal names with English. They also acquire to speak the title of many things in another language. This nuance produces the classroom to be not boring. Finally, certainly, the lesson of overseas language will bring them to face secondary school.

In conclusion, with these arguments, I firmly believe that any immense progress when all children study English in the earliest level and they will be more confident to reach the success. In the midst of global era schools have to provide foreign language class in the primary school.

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