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Essay Writing. Methods to integrate modern ways of transportation.

abohashim2003 1 / -  
Feb 1, 2017   #1
Nowadays, more people are choosing to socialise online rather than face to face. Is this a positive or negative development?

how to strengthen transportation networks

There is no doubt that the integrated transportation networks, as an essential element of city's development, should be given the highest consideration. Accordingly, in recent years, some people concern that the government's expenditure should focus on railways rather than roads. In my view, I am completely supportive of the opinion that the authority must put the highest priority of its funds to build more railways.

In the beginning, there are several causes for constructing railroads, as the modern ways for transportation, and one of the most significant reasons is decreasing the accidents rate in the crowded major cities. For example, underground train in Spain that reduces the fatal accidents ratio by 24% at 2015.

Furthermore, improving this type of transportation, have a tremendous benefits on level of affluence and the decent standard of living ,It is not only that but also because of building railways stations aligned with other facilities , the economic feasibility is aiming high as it facilitate the goods transportation easily and safe even agricultural and industrial outputs.

Another crucial point to be considered for caring about railways is saving the time of moving for all citizens to go to their directions and also their work in rush hours, consequently, there will be more productivity from every person in his position in society. Finally, one more factor to be examined in this topic, the travelling between countries will be much easier and more safer that travelling through highways roads especially in bad climate.

For instance, the Rail Europe that travels between Italy and France passing through Spain
Avoiding any environmental change with high safety factors.

In conclusion, based on the above-mentioned facts about spending on construction of railways, I admit that it is a must to better by improving and supporting the building of railroads in order to tangible benefits that reflect on individuals and their quality of living.

The integration between railways and other transportation services as one of the main precursors to city's evolution.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,621 2516  
Feb 1, 2017   #2
Ayman, I am assuming that you posted the wrong prompt instructions to go with the essay that you developed. Since you gave a totally different answer than that which the prompt requires, the only score you can get for this essay is a 1. That is the score that is given when the exam taker provides an answer that is totally unrelated to the prompt. Please be more responsible the next time that you post an essay for review. Make sure that you are presenting the correct prompt for the essay. I am really disappointed that I could not give you a better score just because you did not respond to the correct prompt. If you can provide the prompt for the essay that you wrote, I can score you on this current essay instead. The response just has to match the prompt. That is all that you need to be sure of each time you write a practice test.

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