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minimum wage in America - CBEST

flavia03 7 / 9  
Jul 28, 2010   #1
The minimum wage in America has been the subject of debate for many years. Many people agree that we should be careful about sharp increases in the minimum wage because of the resulting inflation (higher labor costs equal higher consumer prices) and layoffs. Others believe the minimum wage is too low to support a family and should be raised to keep up with the cost of living. Write an essay analyzing and evaluating these opposing views on the minimum wage. You may include personal experience, knowledge, or observation.

The minimum wage is a very serious, delicate, and painful problem for most of us. Not only the employees, but also the employers are deeply concerned of this issue as well. The thing is that they do not agree with the way that this issue could be solved, they have different points of view regarding the minimum wage. On the one hand, the employees will always want their salary to be raised so that they could be able to provide a decent life standard for their families. On the other hand, the employers will ever be happy with a low minimum wage for their employees so that their profit to be as high as possible.

There is a large category of people in whose opinion the sharp increase of the minimum wage should be avoided. They consider that this increase can generate inflation, higher costs for products and services, and workers layoff. This is a wrong perception of the minimum wage issue. Firing their workers is not a solution for a low productivity and profit. Short time after taking the decision of firing some of their labors, businesses and corporations will realize that their productivity is even lower than before. They will have to hire other people whose salary requests will be similar with those of the former employees.

This is a vicious circle that cannot be broken by anything else but a serious economical analysis. Workers have to be motivated and stimulated so that they would want to do a great job at their work place. And only a higher salary can do that. Being better paid, they will pay much more attention on what they do and become more aware of their mission. The products' quality will increase and the damages will decrease. Therefore, this compensation won't let the price of products go higher. And anybody can realize that the products and services are overpriced, anyway!

Other category of people, even larger than the first one, considers that the minimum wage has to be raised because it cannot provide a decent family life standard. This is a justified attitude. The balance between the minimum wage and the products' costs favors, by far, the costs. Beside home maintenance, a family has to spend a lot of money for children's education. The minimum wage cannot support all these expenses. The lack of a proper nutrition and the worry for tomorrow make those people depressed and frustrated. Their frustration deeply influences the quality of their work. They make many mistakes, cannot focus on what they do, and their efficiency is under expectations. All these lead to a decreasing profit of the company they work for. In this case, it's obvious that a raise of the minimum wage is absolutely necessary. The unions should have an important role in finding a solution for this problem and they shouldn't tolerate that the workers be paid less than they are supposed to be.

In conclusion, the minimum wage issue has been actively debated, considering the economical and social implications of this problem. Its increase is a necessity and is possible to be accomplished without the fear of an increasing inflation. A strong cooperation of economists, managers, unions, and labors can help the last ones to enjoy a decent life, without affecting the costs and the corporations' profit.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Jul 30, 2010   #2
There is a large category of people in whose opinion the sharp increase of the minimum wage should be avoided.--- this really is a very well-written sentence. It is complex, and it is grammatically correct. Yet, I agree with Maria that it should be changed, and I like the way she changed it. If you keep it this way, it is almost like showing off!! It is a very good sentence, but maybe more complicated than necessary.


Here is another good correction that Maria already made:
Its increase is a necessity and is possible to can be accomplished without the fear of an increasing inflation.
You can write
It can be accomplished... or ...It is possible to accomplish...
but not:
It is possible can be accomplished...

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