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45 minute essay (teaching and the public school system)

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Jun 20, 2008   #1

I am practicing writing an essay in forty-five minutes because I am preparing for the clep exam. If are familiar with what they are looking for on the clep exam, could you help me with some suggestions or just give me a over all opinion?

Thank you very much,

Topic: The United States system of public education has been the subject of a great deal of criticism over the last few years. Other nations seem to be doing a better job of education their citizens o compete in our fast-paced, technologically advanced world.

Many ideas have been put forth to improve our public schools. As a concerned citizen, what ideas would you like to see implemented? What needs to be done in order to make our public schools do a better job of educating our citizens? You may want to draw upon your own educational experiences or those of your children for ideas.

My essay:

The public school system is not teaching are children very well. Other nations have shied away from our teaching methods, because the way we teach in The United States is not working. The United States does not need more money, or better teaches, because that is not the problem. Our schools started to fail after the one room school houses were closed and the school went to separate class rooms for the student.

First thing we must do to improve our school system is to stop trying to make each child learn at the same pace. In the old days they let the older children teach the younger children, which made the older children went to learn. By allowing the children to learn at their own pace, we will see that when I child is ready to learn a new subject, they will learn it faster then if it was forced upon them.

Second thing we must do is allow each child to learn in their own way. Listening to a teacher all day is not the way some children learn. Some children learn better by being allowed to read the book and learn on their own. I know that in my family each of my brothers learned differently. My older brother is a great writer because he read a lot as a child but the rest of my brothers and sisters had to be taught by a teacher how to write. Our school system needs to fully understand this concept of learning. Schools are holding children back and not letting smart children learn because of the way the school system is.

Last thing we must do to improve our school system is to stop putting all the pressure on the teachers and put more pressure on the parents. If the parents are going to have children it is their responsibility to teach and train them; however, parents are relying on the schools to do their work. My parents are a great example of taking the responsibility into their own hands and teaching their children. The public school system can help but the burden should fall to the parents.

It is a waste of time keeping the children in a building all day. All children learn at a different pace and should be allowed to learn when they are ready. Stop trying to make them learn at the same rate. Each and every child will learn differently, there is not two children the same. The school system needs to stop trying to make all the children learn the same way. The school system needs to give the responsibility back to the parents.

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